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Health & Wellness

Providing education, empowering change, and leading the community toward better overall wellness.

Health & Wellness: Serving Southwest Florida

The word “Wellness” is everywhere these days, but what is it and what does it mean for you?

Wellness promotes change, growth, education, happiness, preventive health, and achieving lifelong goals. Lee Health sees the benefits in promoting wellness in our flourishing, vital Southwest Florida community. As we continue to be national leaders of health and healing, we’re committed to providing what you need to be active, energized, and engaged every day.

We're proud to be your trusted partner as you take charge of your well-being. 

All Your Health and Wellness Needs

Not sure where to start on your wellness journey? Lee Health has got you covered. We have put together a mixture of services that address all of your health and wellness needs.

  • Mental and Behavioral Health

    Using therapy, hypnotherapy, education, and mind/body programs to improve your mental health.

  • Nutrition

    Comprehensive nutrition focus to help you lose weight, cook better meals, find organic products, and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes.

  • Physical Activity

    Personal trainers, therapists, and experts work to find the perfect exercise plan for you so you can get healthy and have fun while along the way.

  • Purpose Driven Living

    Education to ignite and inspire a new way of thinking with lifestyle coaching, national speakers, meditation, and education.

  • Sleep

    Sleep is a fundamental part of good health. We can help diagnose problems and put you on the right path so you feel relaxed, ready, and recharged.

  • Stress Management

    Overcoming stress is a challenge in these modern times. Find something that works for you -- massage, medication, acupuncture, fitness, and more.

Wellness Navigation

Not sure where to start on your wellness journey? Lee Health has got you covered. Our official Wellness Wheel provides a road map for success -- the six areas listed here are perfect areas to concentrate on. Our wellness navigators are here to help.

Wellness Wheel

Our Services

Health and wellness is a broad category that is at the very heart of what we do at Lee Health:

  • Primary care
  • Specialty care
  • Preventive care
  • Family and internal medicine
  • Health education
  • Disease management
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Diet and nutrition guidance
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Resources and facilities to help you find a sense of purpose and community

Healthy Habits Put You in Control

Our certified experts and wellness champions invite you to learn more about what we do: 

Find an event for you and your family, read stories covering a variety of topics on our blog, visit a Healthy Life Center location near you, watch videos about services, and find out about visiting national speakers.

Health Club Meets Healthcare


Lee Health partners with WellWay in Cape Coral and Babcock Ranch to strengthen wellness services in these communities and and provide a strong connection between health club and healthcare. WellWay provides a unique model of care that focuses not only on fitness, but also on lifestyle, nutrition, and overall holistic wellness.

Learn more about each location, membership, and health services available:

  • WellWay Babcock Ranch

    A full-service health club in the heart of a modern community. This WellWay facility includes a six-lane outdoor pool, group fitness classes, a wide-range of amenities, and wellness support options.

  • WellWay Cape Coral

    A full-service health club with a personalized approach. This facility offers a wide range of services and programs for the entire family, including cardio and strength equipment, an indoor pool, pickleball courts, group fitness and yoga classes, and more.

The Six Spokes

By learning more about the wheel, you will discover your "why," learn how to energize your body, believe in food as medicine, understand the power of rest, figure out how to deal with pressure in the modern world, and discover a better sense of hope and well-being. Click below to read more.

The Latest Blog Posts

Our Healthy News Blog is updated once a month with a variety of stories including the latest on health trends, exercise and nutrition, patient stories, fitness, and tips that will help you stay healthy every day.
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    Quarantine got you down? Now is the perfect time to rewrite our routines and generate some new, healthy habits to help through these times and beyond.

  • Lee Health in the Community

    National Nutrition Month: Start Your Journey With Us

    Get started down the right path as Lee Health and its community partners celebrate National Nutrition Month.