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2017 Health Matters Videos

A Midwife’s Role - Obstetrics and Gynecology

A New Heart Procedure for Patients - Cardiothoracic Surgery

A New Kind of Pacemaker - Cardiology

A New Voice - Oncology

A Partnership of Hope - Oncology

A Program to Help Manage Diabetes - Lee Health Solutions

A Safe Start to the New Year - Trauma Center

Acupuncture: A New Treatment Option for Pain - Integrative Medicine

Addressing Urinary Incontinence - Physical Therapy

Advanced Directives - Advanced Directives

After Being Diagnosed with Neck Cancer - Speech Therapy

After the Trauma - Trauma Center

Aging Gracefully by Caring for your Skin - Obstetrics and Gynecology

American Heart Heroes - Cardiology

Answering Questions about Menopause - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Are you at Risk for Bunions? - Podiatry

Are you Living with Cystic Fibrosis? - Pediatric Pulmonology

Autism Screenings - Pediatrics

Avoiding Pink Eye - Family Medicine

Baby on Board - Pediatrics

Battling Back and Neck Pain - Spine Center

Battling Bunions - Podiatry

Benefits of a Milk Bank - Pediatrics

Blood Donations Save Lives - Blood Center

Brain Nourishment to Prevent Strokes - Neurology

Can Birth Control Lower Cancer Risk? - Oncology

Can Mammograms cause Breast Cancer? - Oncology

Can You Hear Me Now? - Family Medicine

Car Seat Safety - Pediatrics

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Cardiology

Cardiology Oncology Rehab - Cardio oncology

Cataracts: There is a Cure

Children and Head Lice - Pediatrics

Children’s Hormonal Imbalance linked to Obesity - Pediatric Endocrinology

CO2 Colonoscopies - Gastroenterology

Colon Cancer Awareness - Oncology

Colonoscopy Screening - Oncology

Combining Cardiac and Cancer Rehabilitation - Cardiology

Communicating with Nonverbal Children - Pediatrics

Compressed Nerves and Carpal Tunnel

Concerns about Vaccines - Pediatric Infectious Disease

Curing Kids with Cancer - Pediatric Oncology

Depression Screenings - Behavioral Health

Detecting and Treating Endometrial Cancer - Oncology

Detecting Lung Cancer - Pulmonology

Detecting Vaginal Cancer - Oncology

Developing a Healthy Lifestyle - Family Medicine

Diabetes and Neuropathy - Lee Health Solutions

Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis - Pediatric Pulmonology

Diagnosing Scleroderma - Rheumatology

Do You Have Skin Cancer? - Oncology

Drinking Dangers - Family Medicine

Eat This, Not That - Nutrition

Eating for your Heart - Nutrition

Eating Late Increases Cancer Risk - Nutrition

Eliminating the Pain When You Run - Physical Therapy

Emergency Care for Children - Pediatrics

ERAS for Surgery Education - Surgery

ERAS for Surgical Recovery - Surgery

Fighting Cancer with Nutrition - Nutrition

Finding a Cure for SMA - Pediatric Neurology

Firework Safety - Pediatrics

Flu Vaccines for Kids - Pediatrics

Food, Exercise, Sleep Connection - Family Medicine

Foods to Improve your Cholesterol - Nutrition

Foot Pain Caused by the Achilles Tendon - Orthopedic Surgery

For your Urgent Care - Convenient Care

Fourth Trimester Club - Pediatrics

Going Beyond your Heart for Surgery - cardiology

Guiding you Through Lung Cancer - Oncology

Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia - Ear, Nose and Throat

Heart Attack Verses Cardiac Arrest - Cardiology

Heart Disease: Lifestyle or Genetics? - Cardiology

Helping Patients through Cancer Treatment - Oncology

How Much Water Should you Have Each Day? - Family Medicine

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays - Nutrition

Healthy Pregnancy - Obstetrics and Gynecology

How to Prevent Cancer - Oncology

How to Stay Active with COPD - Pulmonology

How to Stay in Control When Eating Out - Nutrition

Improving Treatments for Childhood Cancers - Oncology

Is Hepatitis C Linked to Diabetes? - Lee Health Solutions

Is it Arthritis or an Injury? - Orthopedics

Is Snoring a Stroke Risk? - Sleep Medicine

It May Be More than a Sleep Disorder - Sleep Medicine

Keeping Babies Healthy - Women's Health

Keeping the Holidays Safe for Kids - Pediatrics

Keeping you on your Feet - Family Medicine

Keeping your Appetite during Cancer Treatment - Nutrition

Kids Bike Safety - Pediatrics

Lessening the Anxiety of Breast Cancer - Oncology

Letting go of Back Pain - Physical Therapy

Lightening your Morning Routine - Nutrition

Living a Healthy Lifestyle - Wellness

Living Strong with a Weak Heart - cardiac rehab

Living with Cystic Fibrosis - Pediatric Pulmonology

Looking for Lung Cancer - Oncology/Radiology

Losing your Balance - Physical Therapy

Maintaining a Healthy Spirit - Wellness

Making Patients Feel at Home in the ICU

Managing Cystic Fibrosis - Pediatric Pulmonology

Managing Holiday Blues - Behavioral Health

Managing Holiday Depression - Behavioral Health

Managing Stress - Wellness

Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients - Oncology

Migraines verses Headaches - Neurology

Moving after a Mastectomy - Physical Therapy

Musical Healing for Kids - Arts in Healthcare

My Story

Myth buster what causes breast cancer - Oncology

Neck Pain Caused by Texting - Physical Therapy

New Hope for Kids with Neuromuscular Disease - Pediatric Neurology

New Sugar Guidelines - Pediatrics

New Technology Improves Surgery - Obstetrics and Gynecology

New Treatment for Liver Cancer - Oncology

New Treatments for Ovarian Cancer - Oncology

Newborns and HIV - Pediatric Infectious Disease

Nutrition for Inflammation and Arthritis - Nutrition

Nutrition to Protect your Bones - Family Medicine

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery - Orthopedic Surgery

Pediatric Robotic Surgery - Pediatric Surgery

Pet Therapy: Creating Smiles for Kids - Pediatrics

Platelets: The Ultimate Gift - Blood Center

Positive Cancer Treatment - Oncology

Preparing for Breast Cancer Surgery - Oncology

Preparing for Surgery can Shorten your Recovery - Surgery

Preparing your Entire Body for Heart Surgery - Cardiology

Preventing a Sinus Infection - Ear Nose and Throat

Preventing and Treating Gout - Family Medicine

Preventing Back Pain - Family Medicine

Preventing Cervical Cancer - Oncology

Preventing Chicken Pox - Infectious Disease

Preventing Diabetes - Lee Health Solutions

Preventing HPV - Pediatric Infectious Disease

Preventing Kidney Disease - Nephrology

Preventing Kidney Stones - Urology

Preventing Mosquito Borne Illnesses - Infectious Disease

Preventing Peripheral Arterial Disease - Cardiology

Preventing the Spread of HIV - Infectious Disease

Project Hope - Oncology

Protecting Children from Guns - Pediatrics

Protecting Children from Heatstroke - Pediatrics

Protecting Kids Around Water - Pediatrics

Protein Bars and Shakes: To eat or not to eat? - Nutrition

Recognized for Greatness - Cardiology

Recognizing and Treating Bursitis - Orthopedics

Recognizing and Treating Carpal Tunnel - Neurology

Recognizing Uterine Cancer - Oncology

Recovering after an Injury - Physical Therapy

Recovering from a Brain Fistula - Neurosurgery

Recovering from a Stroke - Neurology

Saving Babies with Milk - Pediatrics

Screening for Ovarian Cancer - Oncology

Screening for STD’s - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Second Hand Smoke and Lung Cancer - Oncology

Seven Ways to Improve your Arthritis Pain - Physical Therapy

Severe Dizziness, How to Manage your Vertigo - Physical Therapy

Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labor - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Sleep Deprivation and Food Cravings - Nutrition

Sleep Disorder Linked to Parkinson’s Disease - Sleep Medicine

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Step Wisely - Trauma Center

Stop Diabetes Before it Starts- Lee Health Solutions

Strengthening Your Exercise - Family Medicine

Stroke Advancements save Lives - Neurology

Support for Premature Babies - Pediatrics

Supporting Parents of Premature Babies - Pediatrics

Symptoms of a UTI - Family Medicine

Testing Options for Diabetes - Lee Health Solutions

Testing your Genes for Cancer - Oncology

The 500th TAVR Procedure - Cardiothoracic Surgery

The First Patient to Receive the New Miniature Pacemaker - Cardiology

The Importance of Mammograms - Oncology

Therapy Helps Patients Recover from Knee Surgery - Physical Therapy

Tips for Living with COPD

Tips to Managing Back Pain during Pregnancy - Physical Therapy

Tips to Safe Running - Physical Therapy

Treating a Torn Meniscus - Orthopedics

Treating Ankle Arthritis - Podiatry

Treating Inoperable Liver Tumors - Interventional Radiology

Treating Low Testosterone in Men - Urology

Treating Tongue Cancer - Oncology

Treating Traumatic Spine Injuries - Neurosurgery

Treating Varicose Veins - Vascular Surgery

Tug the Robot - Pharmacy

Understanding the Flu Vaccine - Pediatrics

Understanding your Foot Injury - Orthopedics

Vaccines Adults Should Have - Family Medicine

Vaccines for School - Pediatric Infectious Disease

Water Safety - Pediatrics

We Have Room to Care for Patients

What Causes a Leaky Gut?

What is Frozen Shoulder? - Orthopedics

What you eat could be Impacting your Sleep - Sleep Medicine

What your Blood Test Reveals - Family Medicine

When is it Time to Have an Ankle Replacement Surgery? - Orthopedic Surgery

When to get your Eyes Checked - Ophthalmology

Why do Kidneys Fail? - Nephrology

Why Your Diet Could Be Making You Sick - Nutrition

Your Heart Could Cause a Stroke - Cardiology