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Letting go of Back Pain - Physical Therapy

Doctors say between 80 and 90 percent of Americans will experience some type of back pain, but if left untreated the pain can become more difficult to alleviate.Ryan Wallace, a physical therapist with Lee Health says when back pain is left untreated patients are at risk for the pain to come back and become worse. “Back pain is definitely a reoccurring type of issue especially as we go through the life span and especially if it has not been addressed adequately early on. As time goes by there are tissue changes that actually occur in the body and muscles that will start to adaptably shorten, connective fascia within the body that starts to become more restricted as well.”The longer a patient deals with the same reoccurring pain, the more difficult it is to address. Physical therapists say if the pain persists beyond two weeks it’s time to see your doctor. “We tend to have our areas where we store our pain if you will, neck related issues you’ll see people with their shoulders always hunched up, or they have to hold their back with their hand in the small of their back, those types of pain as time goes on becomes more chronic,” said Wallace.Techniques like massage therapy and movement based activities can help patients release the pain. “The hands on component, whether it’s joint manipulation or mobilization or some soft tissue techniques, work as well,” said Wallace.Therapists also teach patients self-management so they can treat their back pain at home. “You see improvements with the way the individual interacts with you, the way that they’re moving physically,” said Wallace.The goal is to minimize their back pain to offer patients a better quality of life.View More Health Matters video segments at Health in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of health care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For more than 100 years, we’ve been providing our community with personalized preventative health services and primary care to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Lee Health - Caring People. Inspiring Care.Visit