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Myth buster what causes breast cancer - Oncology

Deodorant, cell phones, even mammograms, they are all things we hear could cause breast cancer. For breast surgeon Dr. David Rock, these are just some of many theories he is asked about daily. “There’s a concern that the cell phones, because they give off radiofrequency waves with their antenna and that’s a form of radiation, could cause breast cancer where it’s pressing up against your breast.”A theory, doctors say is false. The radiofrequency waves in cell phones aren’t strong enough to cause cancer. “Non ionizing radiation isn’t strong enough to do that. So there’s actually no risk that your cell phone tucked in your bra can increase your risk of breast cancer,” said Dr. Rock. Another concern doctors hear is the underwire in bras can cause breast cancer. But once again, doctors say no. “The thought there is that because the underwire bra compresses against your chest it keeps the lymphatic flow from draining from your breast and that keeps the toxins from emptying out of your breast. That hasn’t been shown either,” said Dr. Rock. One of the most popular theories is deodorant. One concern is the aluminum in deodorant can cause breast cancer. The other, is the deodorant prevents sweat from removing toxins out of your body, therefore causing cancer. But doctors say neither theory is true. “Toxins aren’t excreted through your sweat; they are secreted through your kidneys and liver. So there’s no harm there,” said Dr. Rock. To prevent breast cancer, doctors recommend a healthy diet without processed or fried foods, a healthy weight, and yearly mammograms for women over the age of 40.