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2018 Health Matters Videos

50 and Fit - Nutrition

A Behind the Scenes Look at Regional Cancer Center - Oncology

A Behind the Scenes Look at the New Coconut Point

A Burn Service for Children - Pediatrics

A Chronic Pain Workshop

A Community Healthcare in Lehigh Acres - Family Medicine

A Giving Community - Volunteers

A Healthy Partnership with Babcock Ranch

A Healthy Start to Nursing

A Life-Saving Device for Congestive Heart Failure - Cardiology

A New Approach to Pain Management - Physical Therapy

A New Lee Health Facility in Coconut Point

A New Technology for Spine Surgery - Neurosurgery

A New Treatment for Ovarian Cancer - Oncology

A New Treatment Option for BPH - Interventional Radiology

A New Way of Communication - Speech Therapy

A Peaceful Place to Learn - Volunteers

A Peek inside Babcock Ranch

A Small Procedure to Help you Breathe - Ear, Nose and Throat

Addressing the Rise of Teen Suicide - Behavioral Health

Alzheimer’s Disease and Sleep Patterns - Sleep Medicine

An Option for Pancreatic Cancer - Oncology

An Outpatient Shoulder Replacement - Orthopedics

Are you at Risk for a Ruptured Brain Aneurysm? - Neurology

Are You at Risk for an Aortic Aneurysm? - Vascular Surgery

Are you Getting Enough Phytonutrients? - Nutrition

Art Therapy

Avoiding Skin Cancer - Oncology

Back in Action with Ankle Fusions - Podiatry

Back to School Vaccines - Pediatrics

Basic Exercises for People Living with Chronic Pain - Wellness

Beating the Bulge: How to Stay Healthy - Nutrition

Before and After You Exercise - Wellness

Beginner Exercises to Get you Healthy - Wellness

Benefits of Pilates Therapy - Physical Therapy

Benefits of Tango - Physical Therapy

Benefits to Lifestyle Management - Family Medicine

Breast Cancer: Catching it Early - Oncology/ Radiology

Can Dementia be Prevented? - Memory Care

Can Obesity impact Cancer Treatment - Oncology

Cancer Fighting Foods - Nutrition/ Oncology

Cancer Survivorship Program - Oncology

Caring for Children with Special Needs - Pediatrics

Checking your Balance - Physical Therapy

Cheers to Good Health - Family Medicine

Child Obesity Linked to Hormone Problems - Pediatric Endocrinology

Coconut Oil, Good or Bad? -Nutrition

Colon Cancer Targeting Younger Patients - oncology

Combating Cervical Cancer - Oncology

Community Care Outreach

Concussion Risks - Physical Therapy

Connection between Cancer and Cardiac Disease - Cardio oncology

Controlling your Epigenetics - Family Medicine

Coping with Labor Pain - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Could Acid Reflux be Linked to Asthma? - Pulmonology

CPR and Water Safety - Pediatrics

Cryotherapy Benefits - Oncology

Dealing with Stress - Behavioral Health

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease - Neurosurgery

Detecting Breast Cancer - Imaging / Oncology

Detecting Breast Cancer Early - Oncology

Diabetes and Pregnancy Risks - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Did You know Lee Health has Medical Libraries?

Different Scans, Different Reasons - Imaging

Do You need Supplements? - Pharmacy

Does Sugar Cause Cancer? - Nutrition/ Oncology

Does your Child have Food Allergies - Allergies

Eating in your Sleep - Sleep Medicine

Emergency Care or Urgent Care? - Convenient Care

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery - Surgery

ERAS: Helping Patients Recovery from Surgery Fast - Oncology

Five things to Help you recover from a Heart Attack - Cardiology

Food for your Heart - Nutrition

Food is Medicine - Cardiology

Food to Fight Cancer - Oncology/ Nutrition

For Your Convenience - Convenient Care

Functional Medicine to Improve Your Health - Nutrition

A Nice Distraction for Patients in the Hospital - Volunteers

Addressing Hand Hygiene

Bringing Patients Comfort with Pet Therapy - Volunteers

Building Strength and Confidence with MS - Wellness

Diagnosing Epilepsy in Children - Pediatric Neurology

Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis - Wellness

Finding your Motivation after the Holidays - Wellness

Giving Cancer Patients Hope - Pediatrics

Giving Patients the Care they Deserve - Oncology

Golisano Gratitude - Pediatrics

Gout, Do’s and Don’ts- Podiatry

Growing Cancer Care - Oncology

Guiding your Breast Cancer Journey - Oncology

Healing Ceilings - Arts in Healthcare

Health Care at your Door - House Calls Program

Healthy Happy Hour - Nutrition

Healthy Turned Harmful: How Sauces Add Calories - Nutrition

Helping Cancer Patients with Medical Bills - Oncology

Helping you Cope with Trauma - Trauma Center

Helping You Live Without Back Pain - Neurosurgery

Helping You Live without Chronic Pain

Helping you set Realistic Health Goals - Wellness

Honoring the Littlest Angels - Volunteers

Hope for NICU Families - Pediatrics

Hospital Expansion Precautions

How Sick are You? - Infectious Disease

How to Build a Healthier Breakfast - Nutrition

How to Care for Your Chronic Disease

How to Choose a Skilled Nursing Facility

How to Eat Healthy - Nutrition

Improving your Lifestyle - Family Medicine

Improving Your Workout - Wellness

Ingredient Swaps for Healthier Meals - Nutrition

Is Asperger’s Syndrome Autism? - Pediatrics

Is it a Cold or the Flu - Infectious Disease

Is there a Healthy Salt? - Nutrition

Is Your Food Putting you at Risk for Cancer? - Nutrition

Is Your Relationship Harming Your Health? - Nutrition

Is your Schedule Causing you to Gain Weight - Nutrition

Keep Breakfast Routine - Nutrition

Keep Living Your Life with Parkinson’s - Occupational Therapy

Keep Moving with Parkinson’s - Physical Therapy

Keep Your Balance, Lose Your Fear - Physical Therapy

Keeping Control with Parkinson’s Disease - Physical Therapy

Keeping Families Close - Pediatrics

Keeping Hospitals Safe during Construction

Keeping Moms Calm during Labor and Delivery - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Keeping the Parties Healthy - Nutrition

Keeping you Healthy after Heart Surgery - Cardiology

Ketogenic Diet: is it for you? - Nutrition

Knowing Your Body Can Lower Your Cancer Risk - Oncology

Lean Care Track Process - Pediatrics

Let’s Talk Mental Health with Children - Pediatric Behavioral Health

Life After Cancer - Oncology

Lifestyle Medicine Approaches to Sleep - Sleep Medicine

Lifestyle, Exercise, Improvement - Wellness

Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia - Neurology

Loosen the Joints and Lighten the Pain - Physical Therapy

Maintaining Control over the Holidays - Nutrition

Maintaining your Strength with Multiple Sclerosis - Wellness

Maintaining your Wellness - Family Medicine

Managing Stress this Holiday Season - Behavioral Health

Meatless Monday’s - Nutrition

Memory Café - Memory Care

Memory Changes, Normal or Concerning? - Memory Care

Mental Health First Aid - Pediatric Behavioral Health

Metabolism Myths - Nutrition

Monitoring Your Heart - Cardiology

Moving with Age - Physical Therapy

MRI Movie Goggles - Pediatrics

Naturally Managing your Chronic Pain

New Guidelines for High Blood Pressure - Family Medicine

New Guidelines for Mammograms - Imaging/ Oncology

Non-Surgical Ways to Manage Back and Hip Pain - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Nursing and a Healthy Lifestyle

Nursing and Stress Management

Obesity, A Growing Concern - Family Medicine

Overcoming Challenges with Speech Therapy - Speech Therapy

Overcoming Pre-Diabetes - Lee Health Solutions

Overcoming your Genetics - Family Medicine

Pancreatic Cancer, There are Treatments - Oncology

Paying Attention to Your Heart - Cardiology

Physical Therapy for Vertigo - Physical Therapy

Planning Ahead with Advanced Directives - Palliative Care

Polycystic Kidney Disease - Nephrology

Postpartum Depression, You’re Not Alone - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Preventing and Treating Child Burns - Pediatrics

Preventing Colon Cancer - Oncology

Preventing Disease - Family Medicine

Preventing Falls with Parkinson’s - Physical Therapy

Preventing Firework Injuries - Pediatrics

Preventing Gestational Diabetes - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Preventing Gout with a Healthy Diet - Podiatry

Preventing Heart Failure - Cardiology

Preventing Heat Stroke - Pediatrics

Preventing Neuropathy - Oncology

Preventing Neuropathy during Chemotherapy - Oncology

Preventing Neuropathy for Cancer Patients - Oncology

Preventing Sepsis - Emergency Medicine

Preventing Trauma on the Road - Trauma Center

Protecting your Balance - Physical Therapy

PTSD Warning Signs - Behavioral Health

Quick Exercises for People on the Go - Wellness

Recognizing a Heart Attack - Family Medicine

Regaining Confidence with Aqua Therapy - Physical Therapy

Repairing a Rotator Cuff Tear - Orthopedics

Repairing an Achilles Rupture - Orthopedics

Safe Gifts for Kids - Pediatrics

Safe Sleep for Kids - Pediatrics

Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve - Trauma Center

Screening for Cystic Fibrosis - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Screening for Heart Disease - Family Medicine

Screening for Prostate Cancer - Urology

Screening for Throat Cancer - Oncology

Shopping for your Health - Nutrition

Should Adults Take Aspirin to Prevent Heart Disease? - Cardiology

Should you be taking a Supplement? - Pharmacy

Should you Get the Flu Shot? - Family Medicine

Signs and Symptoms of Hypertension - Family Medicine

Signs of a Concussion - Pediatric Neurology

Sleep and your Mental Health - Behavioral Health

Small Changes to Treat GERD - Nutrition

Soy, Friend of Foe? - Nutrition

Start Anew: Steps Towards a Healthier You - Nutrition

Staying Focused on Health - Nutrition

Stop of Swap - Nutrition

Stop or Swap for your Health - Nutrition

Stop the Bleed - Trauma Center

Strengthening your Genes - Family Medicine

Stress Management to Prevent Depression - Behavioral Health

Stressed and Fatigued, it Could be Your Hormones - Nutrition

Sugar Addiction - Pediatrics

Support for NICU Families - Pediatrics

Supporting Cancer Patients - Oncology

Supporting Families through Cancer - Pediatrics

Taking Care of our Nurses

Taking Control of your Health - Nutrition

Tango for Parkinson’s - Physical Therapy

Teaching Nurses Healthy Habits

Teaching You Ways to Cope with Chronic Pain - Lee Health Solutions

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy - Physical Therapy

The Benefits of Sweet Potatoes - Nutrition

The Benefits of Yoga Poses - Wellness

The Best Time to have a Dietitian - Nutrition

The Dangers of Fad Diets - Nutrition

The Effects of Childhood Obesity - Pediatric Endocrinology

The Good News about Thyroid Cancer - Oncology

The Importance of Advanced Directives - Palliative Care

The Most Commonly Asked Questions for Heart Valve Surgery - Cardiology

The Role of a Hospitalist

The Ronald McDonald House - Pediatrics

The Signs of Autism - Pediatrics

The Teaching Garden - Volunteers

Thyroid Disorders, Obesity and Children - pediatric endocrinology

Time for a Hip Replacement? - Orthopedics

Tips to Keep you Active at Work - Wellness

Tired and Breathless? It Could be PAH - Pulmonology

Treating an Aggressive Skin Cancer - Oncology

Treating Lymphedema - Physical Therapy

Treating Stings and Bites - Convenient Care

Understanding Autism - Pediatrics

Understanding Different Cancer Treatments - Oncology

Understanding Epilepsy - Pediatric Neurology

Understanding Lifestyle Medicine - Family Medicine

Understanding Lymphedema - Physical Therapy

Understanding your Risk for Atrial Fibrillation - Cardiothoracic Surgery

UTI Dangers During Pregnancy - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Venous Insufficiency, Don’t Ignore the Symptoms - Vascular Surgery

What are Super Foods? - Nutrition

What Expecting Moms Need to Know - Obstetrics and Gynecology

What is a Resident Physician? - Family Medicine

What it means to be a CNA - Nursing

What Patients need to know after Neurosurgery - Neurosurgery

What to Expect After Surgery - Oncology

What you didn’t know about Miscarriages - Obstetrics and Gynecology

When should you see a Medical Oncologist? - Oncology

When to go to Convenient Care - Convenient Care

When to Have a Partial Knee Replacement - Orthopedics

Why Snoring Could Cause Health Concerns - Pulmonology

Working Around a Back Injury: How to Stay Active While you Recover - Physical Therapy

Workouts to Improve your Overall Strength - Wellness

Yoga to Improve your State of Mind - Wellness

Your Diet and Breast Cancer - Nutrition / Oncology

Your Role in Patient Safety