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2019 Health Matters Videos

A Chronic Disease Workshop

A Golisano Experience - Pediatrics

A Healthy Pregnancy - Obstetrics and Gynecology

A Life Saving Donation - Pediatrics

A MAZE Surgery for A-Fib - Cardiothoracic Surgery

A Need for Blood Donations - Blood Center

A New Life Saving Drug for SMA - Pediatric Neurology

A New Skilled Nursing Facility

A New Treatment for BPH - Interventional Radiology

A Non-Surgical Treatment for Chest Malformations - Pediatric Surgery

A Treatment for Brain Aneurysms - Neurology

A Treatment Option for Women with Fibroids - Interventional Radiology

Acupuncture and Allergies - Integrative Medicine

Acupuncture and Migraines - Integrative Medicine/Neurology

Addressing Addiction - Emergency Medicine

Addressing Incontinence Concerns with Parkinson’s Disease - Physical Therapy

Addressing Mental Health in Children - Pediatric Behavioral Health

Addressing Opioid Addiction - Emergency Medicine

Addressing Sport Related Injuries - Pediatrics

Addressing Suicide - Behavioral Health

Adolescent Young Adult Cancer Program - Pediatric Oncology

Adolescent Young Adult Cancer Program - Pediatrics

After Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer - Oncology

After Being Diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer- Speech Therapy

After Cancer - Oncology

Alzheimer's Disease and Sleep Patterns - Sleep Medicine

Aortic Aneurysm, What you Need to Know - Vascular Surgery

Are Antibiotics Harmful or Helpful? - Pharmacy

Are you in Need of a Hip Replacement? - Orthopedics

Are you Living with Pre-Diabetes? - Lee Health Solutions

Arts for the DisAbled - Arts in Healthcare

Autism Navigators - Pediatrics

Autism, Support for Families - Pediatrics

Baby Friendly Designation - Women's Health

Back to School Physicals - Pediatrics

Balance and Parkinson’s Disease - Physical Therapy

Becoming More Mindful - Wellness

Before you get a Mammogram - Imaging

Before You have Heart Surgery - Cardiothoracic Surgery

Bertec Balancing - Physical Therapy

Blood Donations

Breast Cancer Risks - Oncology

Breast Cancer Screening - Family Medicine

Breast Tissue Density and Cancer - Imaging/Oncology

Bringing Health Services to your Home - House Calls Program

Bringing Primary Care to Babcock Ranch - Primary Care

Button Battery Dangers - Pediatrics

Can a Virus Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer? - Oncology

Can your Attitude Impact your Health? - Behavioral Health

Cancer Clinical Trials - Oncology

Cancer Treatment and the Elderly - Oncology

Cancer Trials - Oncology

Cardiac Connection - Cardiology

Caring for our Veterans - Cape Coral Hospital

Caring for Troops

Causes of a UTI - Convenient Care

Change your Mind, Change your Life - Wellness

Checking your Brain for Gait Concerns - Neurology

Checking your Ears for Balancing Problems - otolaryngology

Childhood Lymphoma, A Positive Perspective - Pediatric Oncology

Choosing to Live a Healthy Life - Family Medicine

Clean Hands Prevent Infections - Infectious Disease

Clean Wisely - Nutrition

Clinical Trial for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer - Oncology

Clinical Trials for Pancreatic Cancer - Oncology

Coconut Point Technology

Colon Cancer Screening - Oncology

Concerns with Low Blood Pressure - Family Medicine

Cooking for One - Nutrition

Cutting Back on Sugar - Pediatrics

Deactivating your Bad Genes - Family Medicine

Depression and Sleep - Sleep Medicine

Diagnosing Epilepsy - Pediatric Neurology

Different Treatments for Congestive Heart Failure - Cardiology

Disrupted Sleep Linked to Weight Gain - Sleep Medicine

Donating a Distraction for Kids - Pediatrics

Don't Forget your Medicine - Pharmacy

Don't Wait! Vaccinate for the Flu - Pediatrics

EEG Studies for Epilepsy - Pediatric Neurology

Emergency Rooms for Children - Pediatric Emergency Department

Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease - Physical Therapy

Exercising for your Health - Wellness

Drowsy Driving - Trauma

Eating, Talking and Walking in your Sleep - Sleep Medicine

Exercise is Medicine - Wellness

Flu Shots During Pregnancy: Is it a Good Idea? - Women's Health

Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer - Nutrition/ Oncology

Fun for Kids in the Hospital - Pediatrics

Functional Medicine - Nutrition

Gastro Esophageal Support Group - Oncology

Get Up and Walk -Wellness

Getting Medical Care with Telehealth - Convenient Care

Getting Screened for Breast Cancer - Imaging/Oncology

Getting the Most out of your Health - Family Medicine

Getting you Back on your Feet - Physical Therapy

Golf and Physical Therapy - Physical Therapy

Golisano Ambulances - Pediatrics

Golisano Code Prep - Pediatrics

Happy Hour for your Health - Nutrition

Head and Neck Cancer Program - Oncology

Healthy Desserts - Nutrition

Healthy Dips and Dressings - Nutrition

Healthy Life Center Coconut Point

Heart Attack Symptoms - Emergency Medicine

Heart Murmurs, When to be Concerned - Pediatric Cardiology

Heartburn or Heart Attack? - Family Medicine

Heat Dangers - Pediatrics

Hello Coconut Point

Helmet Safety - Pediatrics

Helping Children with Chest Malformations - Pediatric Surgery

Helping Moms Answer Post-Baby Questions - Women's Health

Helping Our Parents Engage - Pediatrics

Helping Patients Overcome Alcohol Dependence - Emergency Medicine

Helping Patients Regain Independence - Physical Therapy

Helping Patients Walk with Zero-G Technology - Physical Therapy

Helping Patients with Addiction - Emergency Medicine

Helping You Fight Against Pre-Diabetes - Lee Health Solutions

Helping you Live without Chronic Disease - Lee Health Solutions

Helping You Manage your Pain - Pain Management

Hidden Scars after Breast Surgery - Oncology

Holiday Depression - Behavioral Health

Home Base - Nutrition

Hope for Chronic Disease - Lee Health Solutions

Hospital Games for Kids - Pediatrics

Hospital Sensory Rooms for Kids - Pediatrics

How do you Manage Stress? - Family Medicine

How to Cook Healthy Meals - Nutrition

How to Live Active with Arthritis - Physical Therapy

How to Treat a Viral Infection - Convenient Care

How to Treat Hand Pain - Orthopedic

Human Trafficking Education for Nurses - Emergency Medicine

Human Trafficking Signs - Emergency Medicine

Identifying your Stress - Behavioral Health

Improving Your Sleep can Improve Your Mental Health - Behavioral Health

Ingredient Swaps for Healthier Meals - Nutrition

Inspiring the Next Generation - Family Medicine

Introducing Robotic Surgery for Gastrointestinal Cancer - Oncology

Is Asperger's Syndrome Autism? - Pediatrics

Is Stress Making your Sick? - Family Medicine

Is Your Diet Making You Sleepy? - Sleep Medicine

Is your Sleep Schedule Causing you to Gain Weight? - Nutrition

Keep Your Balance - Physical Therapy

Keep your Life with Parkinson's Disease - Physical Therapy

Keeping Control with Parkinson's Disease - Physical Therapy

Keeping Kids Calm in the Hospital - Pediatrics

Keeping Kids Healthy - Pediatrics

Keeping Kids Healthy on the Go - Pediatrics

Keeping Kids Safe on Halloween - Pediatrics

Keeping You Balanced - Physical Therapy

Keto and Cancer - Oncology Nutrition

Kids and Water Safety - Pediatrics

Know your Meds - Pharmacy

Knowing How to Save Lives - Trauma Center

Knowing the Difference Between an APRN and a Physician

Knowing your Body can Lower your Risk for Cancer - Oncology

Knowing your Risk for Diabetes - Lee Health Solutions

Knowing Your Risk for Lung Cancer - Oncology

Knowing your Risk for Pre-Diabetes

Learning How to Live with TEP - Speech Therapy

Learning More about A-Fib - Cardiology

Let’s Start with Your Nutrition - Nutrition

Life Saving Drills - Pediatrics

Lift at Work - Wellness

Lifting your Mood, Improving your Health

Limiting your Sugar - Nutrition

Living a Life, Well - Family Medicine

Living with COPD - Pulmonology

Living with Lymphedema - Physical Therapy

Living Without Cheese - Nutrition

Lower your Risk for Cardiac Disease - Family Medicine

Lowering your Risk for Diabetes - Family Medicine

Lung Cancer Screening - Oncology/ Imaging

Managing Conflict - Behavioral Health

Managing Hip Pain - Physical Therapy

Managing Lymphedema - Physical Therapy

Managing Pediatric Seizures - Pediatric Neurology

Managing Your Postpartum Depression - Women's Health

Medical Alert - Emergency Response

Medicare Wellness Visit

Medicare Wellness Visits

Meds to Beds - Pharmacy

Mental Health Awareness - Pediatric Behavioral Health

Mental Health Services - Pediatrics

Milk Lab Benefits - Pediatrics

Minimally Invasive Options for Surgery - Cardiothoracic Surgery

Music Therapy for Children - Pediatrics

Myths about Breast Cancer - Oncology

National Nutrition Month - Nutrition

Navigating Through Autism - Pediatrics

New Projects at Coconut Point

New Technology Helps Stage Colon Cancer - Imaging

New Year Healthy Eating - Nutrition

Nourishing Babies - Pediatrics

Nutrition and Parkinson's Disease - Nutrition

Nutrition to Improve Your Cholesterol -Nutrition

Obesity and Cancer - Nutrition/Oncology

Orthopedic Surgery for Children - pediatric orthopedics

Orthopedic Surgery, When to Fix and When to Wait - Orthopedic Surgery

Other Treatments for Chronic Pain - Lee Health Solutions

Overcoming the Fear of Falling - Physical Therapy

Palliative Care

Pancreatic Cancer, What you Need to Know - Oncology

Parkinson’s Disease and Swallowing Therapy - Speech Therapy

Parkinson’s Disease, Are you Safe to Drive? - Physical Therapy

Patients Ask, Am I Too Old for Cancer Surgery? - Oncology

Pediatric Code Prep - Pediatrics

Physical Therapy and Ankle Injuries - Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and Concussions - Physical Therapy

Planning a Healthy Thanksgiving - Nutrition

Plant-Based Eating - Nutrition

Preparing Your Journey for Head and Neck Cancer - Oncology

Prescriptions, Generic Versus Brand Name - Pharmacy

Preventing Dehydration - Family Medicine

Preventing Drowning Accidents - Pediatrics

Preventing Firework Injuries - Pediatrics

Preventing Poisonous Accidents - Pediatrics

Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Preventing the Flu - Family Medicine

Project Search - Pediatrics

Prostate Cancer Myths - Oncology

Protecting Kids from HPV - Pediatric Infectious Disease

Protecting Kids from Poisonous Products - Pediatrics

Protecting Kids from the Flu - Pediatrics

Protecting you from the Number One Killer - Family Medicine

Protecting your Heart During Cancer Treatment - Cardioloncology

Protecting your Prescription Medication - Pharmacy

Protection from the Flu - Family Medicine

Putting Kids First - Pediatrics

Radiation Therapy: Helpful or Harmful - Oncology

Reading Labels to Keep your Holiday Eating Under Control - Nutrition

Recognizing Our Volunteers - Volunteer Services

Recognizing Sepsis - Emergency Medicine

Recognizing the Symptoms of a Concussion - Physical Therapy

Recovering from a Concussion - Physical Therapy

Recovering from a Stroke - Physical Therapy

Rehab for your Golf Swing - Physical Therapy

Repairing a Hernia - Vascular Surgery

Safe Cleaning - Nutrition

Safe Holidays for Kids - Pediatrics

Saving Lives for 25 Years - Trauma Center

Saving Lives with Milk Donations - Pediatrics

Screening for Anxiety and Depression - Family Medicine

Screening for Lung Cancer - Imaging/ Oncology

Screening for Sickle Cell - Pediatrics

Signs and Symptoms of PCOS - Pediatric Endocrinology

Signs of an Ulcer - Gastroenterology

Simplifying Breast Cancer Surgery - Oncology

Simplifying your Coconut Point Appointment

Skin Screenings - Oncology

Sleep and Diabetes - Sleep Medicine

Sleep and your Health - Family Medicine

Sleep Changes and Alzheimer's Disease - Sleep Medicine

Snacking Versus Three Big Meals - Nutrition

Speech and Parkinson's Disease - Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease - Speech Therapy

Spicy Foods, Pros and Cons - Nutrition

Sport Safety - Family Medicine

Staying Healthy at Work - Family Medicine

Staying Positive through Cancer Treatment - Oncology

Staying Strong with Osteoporosis - Orthopedics

STI's During Pregnancy - Pediatric Infectious Disease

Sugar, How Much is Too Much? - Nutrition

Suicide Warning Signs

Support for Moms - Women's Health

Supporting our Troops

Supporting Your Feet - Podiatry

Surviving an Aortic Aneurysm - Vascular Surgery

Tackling Mental Health - Pediatrics

Take Time to Read the Labels - Nutrition

Taking a Closer Look with an MRI - Imaging

Teaching Kids at Golisano - Pediatrics

Teaching Patients How to Manage a Chronic Disease - Lee Health Solutions

Team Beats Exercise - Wellness

Telehealth Benefits - Convenient Care

Telemedicine at Coconut Point

Testing your Memory - Memory Care

The Benefits of a Port - Interventional Radiology

The Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation - Cardiology

The Benefits of Convenient Care - Convenient Care

The Benefits of Exercise - Family Medicine

The Dangers of Sepsis - Emergency Medicine

The Dangers of Vaping - Pulmonology

The Difference Between Bronchitis and Pneumonia - Pulmonology

The Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care - Palliative Care

The Difference between Seizures and Epilepsy - Pediatric Neurology

The Difference Between Vitamins and Supplements - Pharmacy

The Good and Bad Stress - Family Medicine

The Healing Power of Art

The HPV Vaccine and Children - Pediatric Infectious Disease

The Lift Project

The Mental Health Stigma - Behavioral Health

The MMR Vaccine - Pediatrics

The News and Your Mental Health - Behavioral Health

The Role of a Dietitian - Nutrition

The Truth about GMO's - Nutrition

Therapeutic Video Games - Pediatrics

Transforming Lives with Project Search - Pediatrics

ATV Safety

Treating Pain with Pilates - Physical Therapy

Treating the Opioid Crisis - Cardiothoracic Surgery

Treatments for Varicose Veins - Vascular Surgery

Understanding Acupuncture - Integrative Medicine

Understanding Asthma - Pulmonology

Understanding Bilateral Mastectomies - Oncology

Understanding Dairy - Nutrition

Understanding Deep Vein Thrombosis - cardiology

Understanding Diverticulitis - General Surgery

Understanding Mental Health in Children - Pediatric Behavioral Health

Understanding Seizure - Pediatric Neurology

Understanding Sepsis - Emergency Medicine

Understanding TAVR - cardiothoracic surgery

Understanding the Most Common Heart Condition - Cardiothoracic Surgery

Understanding Vertigo - Physical Therapy

Understanding Yoga - wellness

Understanding your Stress - Behavioral Health

Vitamins and Supplements: What You Need to Know - Pharmacy

Vivida Medicaid Managed Care

Water Safety for Kids - Pediatrics

What are Super Foods - Nutrition

What is a Medical Assistant? - Family Medicine

What is a Parish Nurse - Nursing

What is a PET Scan - Imaging/ Oncology

What is Interventional Radiology? - Interventional Radiology

What is PAD? - Vascular Surgery

What You Need to Know About Testicular Cancer - Urology / Oncology

What's Causing your Gait Disturbances? - Neurology

What's Impacting your Hormones? - Nutrition

When do you need an Upper Endoscopy? - Endocrinology

When is it Time to Have a Hip Replacement? - Orthopedics

When should Children see an Orthopedic Surgeon? - Pediatric Orthopedics

When Should you Get Screened? - Oncology

When to Get a PET Scan - Imaging/ Oncology

When to Screen for Prostate Cancer - Oncology

When to See a Cardiologist - Cardiology

When to See a Clinical Psychologist? - Behavioral Health

When to Try Acupuncture - Integrative Medicine

Why are Young Women at Risk for Stokes? - Neurology

Why Should you Get Screened? - Oncology

Why you Need to Know CPR - Wellness

Workouts to Improve your Overall Health - Wellness

Yoga Benefits - Wellness

You can Quit Smoking - Pulmonary

Zero-G is Helping Patients Regain Mobility - Physical Therapy