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Golisano Ambulances - Pediatrics

It’s a ride all families hope they never have to take, but inside the Golisano pediatric and neonatal transport unit, the bright colors and distractions make this emergency ride a little less scary for kids. “Our ambulances are all child-friendly inside with the décor; they are bright. They have items in there to help them distract such as DVD players, iPads, and the team is specialized in the care of that patient,” explained Nichole Shimko, a transport supervisor at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. And all of the equipment inside the ambulance is geared towards critical care. “The Transport Team picks up patients from all facilities around the county and brings them back to Golisano for the specialized care that they need,” she said. On average, the four Golisano units do about 1300 transports a year, including newborns, children, and now new mothers who need to be transported from another hospital. “We just started a new service with the transport team that we are going to pick up high-risk moms from the ER’s, we also pick up moms, and if they have delivered in the ER, we will pick the baby as well and transport them in the same ambulance,” said Shimko. A service designed to keep families close to home while getting patients the emergency care they need.