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Latest Stories from Lee Health

  • Back to School: Healthy Habits to Encourage

    Children's Health

    All parents and caregivers need to know about the new school year.

  • Doctor Profile: Helping Kids Perfect Their Vision

    Children's Health

  • Hot Car Deaths: How To Protect Our Children

    Children's Health

    Children's hot card deaths are 100 percent preventable.

  • Making Bread, Making Memories, All at Coconut Point

    Exercise and Nutrition

    One of our student interns recently took a trip to Lee Health Coconut Point to learn how to make bread. Read her account and why you should consider taking a class at the Healthy Life Center.

  • Meat Allergy? It's More Common Than You Think

    Children's Health

    AGS describes the allergic reaction some people like Kaitlyn get after they eat red meat or are exposed to other products that contain the carbohydrate molecule alpha-gal, which is found in most mammals.  

  • Monkeypox: Stay Informed, Stay Safe

    Health Hub

    Hear from our resident infectious disease expert about monkeypox.

  • Perfect Peaches for a Healthy Summer Treat

    Exercise and Nutrition

    Did you know that peaches were a super fruit? Not to mention tasty and healthy. A registered dietitian has some cool recipes.

  • Aging and Your Bones: Tips to Ward Off Osteoporosis

    Health Hub

    Use these tips to help fight off osteoporosis and instill habits for healthy aging.

  • Can Wearable Technology Help You Hit Your Health Goals?

    Top Trends

    One of our expert physicians weighs in on wearable technology and fitness trackers - are they right for you?

  • CDC OKs Vaccinations for Children 6 Months to 5 Years

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    A July 2022 update on Covid vaccines for children.

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