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Latest Stories from Lee Health

  • 'Keep on Fighting': Brave Ryder Continues Healing Journey

    Children's Health

    Golisano's young, vulnerable patients receive compassionate, world-class care. And our hospital is working hard to add more services so area children can stay close to home.

  • A Healthy - and Tasty - Snack? It’s Possible

    Exercise and Nutrition

    Two snack ideas for the next big game by Lee Health's registered dietitians.

  • Anger & Your Heart: 6 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle

    Health Hub

    It's an angry world out there. Here are some tips about what you can do to feel better and avoid stress on your heart.

  • Be My Valentine? How to Keep Love Alive

    Mental Health

    What is the science of love? And how can couples make that feeling last? A Behavioral Health expert weighs in.

  • Canine Partner a 'Pawsitive' Influence on Golisano Patients

    Children's Health

    Dorian, a full-time canine in residence at Golisano Children's Hospital, offers a gentle touch to patients.

  • Coronavirus: Fact, Fiction and Southwest Florida

    Top Trends

    There is plenty of information out there about the coronavirus, but what is the truth? A Lee Health expert tells you what you need to know.

  • Glioblastoma: A Q&A About Brain Cancer

    Cancer Care

    Questions and answers from Lee Health about glioblastoma, an incurable form of brain cancer.

  • Myth Busting: Can Our Hearts Really Break?

    Health Hub

    Broken heart syndrome is a real thing: A Lee Health cardiologist provides expert advice on how to cope.

  • Nosebleeds: Treatment, Causes and Therapy

    Health Hub

    If you’re having nosebleeds but you’re unsure why, this information can help you find a solution.

  • Cancer Care

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