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We're currently conducting an evaluation of Lee Health's business structure. Explore all available documents and dive deeper into the process by learning more here. Lee Health’s Board of Directors invites you to a public hearing, set for Thursday, April 25th in the Community Room at Gulf Coast Medical Center, to discuss the ongoing evaluation of converting the health system to a community-focused nonprofit structure. Learn more details here.

Cancer Survivor Story Proves the Power of Early Detection

Cancer Care
Author name: Lee Health


Kevin Owen photoKevin Owen and his grandchildren during a recent trip to the beach.

As we celebrate the stories of cancer survivors in Southwest Florida, it’s important to remember the power and convenience of accessible, comprehensive cancer care.

Meet Kevin Owen, a dedicated father and grandfather who received a surprising diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma (tongue cancer) after a routine screening. 

Thankfully, experts caught Kevin’s cancer in its early stages, and he received swift and effective treatment. From PET scans to surgical interventions, including a partial glossectomy (surgical removal of part of the tongue) and neck dissection (surgery to remove lymph nodes in the neck), experts at the Lee Health Cancer Institute guided Kevin and his family through every step, offering encouragement along the way.

Because our cancer experts caught Kevin’s condition in its beginning stage, he didn’t need radiation and chemotherapy. The experience made him a huge believer in early detection

“Get yourself screened regularly,” Kevin says. “It’s what saved my life.”

Southwest Florida residents have access to a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care regimen at the Institute, which encompasses all of our cancer specialists at the Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers and the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Cancer Clinic in Bonita Springs. 

The Institute also offers a large range of support services like nurse navigation, financial counselors, social workers for both patients and families, and much more. 

Now a proud cancer survivor, Kevin credits the Institute for his successful treatment and unwavering support. Their dedication to redefining cancer care in Southwest Florida reflects a commitment to patients like him. 

“For me, it was very important to get my care close to where I live, especially because I was so worried about my diagnosis,” Kevin says. “I really appreciated having all my services under one roof, especially when it came to the financial and emotional aspects of my care. I felt supported in so many areas.” 

Kevin’s message is a rallying cry of support to people undergoing cancer treatment: “You got this,” he says. “The Lee Health Cancer Institute really cares about you and is committed to supporting you throughout your entire journey. You don’t need to go anywhere else.”

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