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Survivor Story: Celebrating 5 Years of Being Cancer Free

Cancer Care
Author name: Lee Health


Molly cancer photoMolly Grubbs, center, with her husband and daughter.

This April, Molly Grubbs, one of Lee Health’s very own, celebrates five years of being cancer free. 

Molly, a Community and Business Development Representative, has been with Lee Health for eight years. You may recognize her from community events, TV, and billboards. Not only is she an exceptional team member, she’s also a breast cancer survivor. 

In 2016, during Molly’s routine breast exam, her doctor found a small lump. A mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy were ordered, which determined the mass was non-cancerous and didn’t need immediate removal. 

Three years later—a few days after her 40th birthday—Molly returned for a routine screening that led to a diagnosis of stage two invasive ductal carcinoma in both breasts and lymph nodes. Thankfully, the disease had not spread further. 

Molly began her treatment immediately at Lee Health Cancer Institute, where she underwent a double mastectomy, three months of chemotherapy, and daily radiation treatment for five weeks. 

After these extensive treatments and multiple surgeries, Molly received ovarian suppression drug therapy treatments and underwent reconstructive breast surgery. She also had an operation, called an oophorectomy, to start permanent menopause to reduce her risk of cancer recurrence. Molly now takes daily medication to help prevent her cancer from returning. 

Molly worked with a physical therapist after each surgery to help regain normal function and remain active. Cancer Rehabilitation focuses on improving the lives and function of patients with cancer and cancer survivors who suffer from side effects and limiting conditions caused by cancer and its treatments.

“Working with a physical therapist helped me regain mobility in my chest and arms just weeks after my mastectomy,” Molly says. “Rehabilitation is both a physical and emotional process that’s so important in one’s recovery from cancer treatment.” 

In December, Molly received bone health infusions at the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Cancer Clinic. Her medication lowered estrogen levels in her system, and she experienced many side effects including a recent diagnosis of osteoporosis and a bone fracture.

“The incredible team and beautiful facility made my bone health infusion more bearable. I see my oncologist, Dr. Venkata Parsa, every six months. He knows my story and has been with me through each treatment, helping me with side effects throughout my journey. Dr. Parsa listens to my concerns, understands me and is incredibly kind. He never fails to make me laugh. He’s amazing!” Molly says. 

As a cancer survivor, Molly actively supports the Lee Health Cancer Institute. She participated in planning the opening of the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Cancer Clinic in September, has served on the Pedal for a Purpose committee, and regularly assists in the organization of fundraisers benefiting the Cancer Institute. 

“I’m proud of how strong and positive I’ve remained throughout my journey, as well as my work supporting others who’ve gone through the same diagnosis,” Molly says.

Molly’s an inspiration to people diagnosed with cancer and to all of us. 

We’re proud of her, too!

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