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Cyclist Gets Back on the Saddle

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Alan Levinsohn, an avid cyclist, knows all too well how a hip injury can quickly change your life and stop you from living a passionate one. He recently injured himself in a bicycle mishap.

“It was one of the craziest things that ever happened,” says Alan, a Michigan native and Sanibel Island resident. “Somebody yelled out to me and I turned the bike too quickly and I went down, breaking my hip. If I didn’t have a helmet on, I would not be talking with you right now.”

More than 300,000 people age 65 and older are hospitalized for hip fractures every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Alan, who has cycled all his life – at one point he was riding 13 miles a day – underwent minimally invasive surgery to repair his hip fracture with Lee Physician Group Orthopedics trauma surgeon Cesar Cereijo, D.O.

Dr. Cereijo’s areas of expertise include traumatic fractures and reconstruction of the pelvis and acetabulum, all fractures and injuries of the upper and lower extremities/joints, as well as surgical and non-healing surgical treatment of delayed and non-healing bones.

Two weeks after his surgery, Alan had his follow-up appointment with Dr. Cereijo. He walked in using only a cane. His first question for the trauma surgeon: “When I can start cycling again?” Alan was allowed to resume normal activity as tolerated without any restrictions only two weeks after surgery.

“It’s been controversial with my family and my wife telling me not to overdo it,” he says with a laugh. “Dr. Cereijo did a wonderful job. I have great respect for his ability. Everything at Lee Health has been really first class, and I hope to get back to bike riding again.”

Lee Health Orthopedics also offers:

  • Adult reconstruction of the hip and knee
  • Hip and knee joint replacement surgery
  • Arthritis treatment of upper extremities
  • Arthroscopy of wrist, elbow, and shoulder
  • Nerve injuries
  • Conservation and non-surgical management

For more information about Lee Physician Group Orthopedics and referrals, talk to your primary care physician or call 239-495-4475.

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