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World Health Day on April 7: A Healthier World for Everyone

Lee Health in the Community
Author name: Lee Health Community Affairs

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Lee Health tirelessly works to make sure SW Florida has equal access to healthcare

They say life isn’t fair.

But the Lee Health Outreach Team is working around the clock to change that.

Each year, we celebrate World Health Day on April 7 to create awareness for an important initiative from the World Health Organization. In 2020, this day targeted the nurses and midwives who make such a profound difference for families all over the world.

This year, World Health Day will focus on building a fairer, healthier world.

What does that mean? It means the staff at Lee Health continues to serve ALL people in our community and improve the overall health of Southwest Florida, despite inequalities.

Social inequalities

Why do some people live healthier lives and have better access to health services than others? This happens because of something we call SDOH – the social determinants of health.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines social determinants of health as conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play that affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes.

Basically, where we live, work, go to school, and our social structures have a direct impact on our health and life expectancy. These SDOH are unfair. But as a public nonprofit health system, Lee Health has the honor and duty to equally serve everyone in our community.

Lee Health publishes the 2020 Community Benefit Report each year, and this report details how we care for you and work with local partners to provide access to healthcare and improve the overall health of Southwest Florida.

Here are just a few highlights of this year's report: 

  • We expanded TeleHealth to ensure safety during COVID-19.
  • We created virtual education classes and support groups so more people of all backgrounds could take part. Our Outreach Team’s efforts equate to an investment of $59.1 million worth of health outreach directly into the community.
  • We provided daily updates on COVID-19 through social media and made sure to answer questions in real time.
  • We invested in training for health education careers to make sure our employees have updated information and training to better serve you.
  • We helped get the word out about injury prevention for children so we could stay proactive and stop problems before they start.
  • We increased our availability at Lee Community Healthcare clinics to help men, women, and children who are uninsured and economically challenged.
  • Lee Community Healthcare

    Helping community members navigate care options and find access to doctors, tests, pediatrics, women's care, and more.

And this is just some of what our Outreach Team does – just some of what we believe in and work to provide every day. By listening to you and understanding your needs, we hope to accomplish even more. We invite you to click the link above and read the full report.

Because everyone deserves fair and equal healthcare, no matter what life throws at us.

Lauren Ware, Community Programs Coordinator and Stephanie Wardein, System Director of Community Affairs