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Fort Myers Fashion Designer Makes Monthly Donations to Breast Cancer Patients

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Author name: Lee Health


Galen Magee, a Fort Myers fashion designer, has been donating custom-made robes to breast cancer patients at the Regional Cancer Center (RCC) each month for over three years.

We wanted to share Galen’s story and the positive effects he has had on our patients in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This project was inspired by Galen’s mother Jayne, a breast cancer survivor. When Jayne was going through treatment, Galen sent her a kimono to wear every time she went for radiation treatment.

“She would call me and tell me how it would make the treatments easier, how she felt protected,” Galen said. “When I heard that, I knew I needed to do this for more people.”

Starting in 2017, Galen has donated around 20 robes each month to the RCC. Even when he was not able to enter the hospital because of COVID-19 restrictions, he would meet Liz Bachoo-Garib, Breast Health Nurse Navigator, in the parking lot.

During this time, it was more important than ever to donate these robes to make sure breast cancer fighters did not feel alone in their battles.

The robes feature multiple colors and patterns to show individuality and provide cancer patients with dignity during chemo treatments or post mastectomy. The robes also include pockets for surgical drains.

“Each time a woman receives a robe they are ecstatic,” Liz said. “I’ve had women tell me the robes make them feel beautiful and remind them that they are a woman first — they’re not defined by breast cancer.”

You can visit Galen’s website at A robe is donated to a local cancer patient with every purchase.

Thank you, Galen, for inspiring us all! At Lee Health, we are caring people, fighting cancer. We are #LeeHealthStrong

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