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Hurricane Idalia: Storm Watch with Lee Health

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We are here for you, Southwest Florida. 

Less than a year after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Southwest Florida, Hurricane Idalia barrels toward Florida’s Big Bend. Lee Health continues to work with the state of Florida, Lee County, and Cape Coral Emergency Management Departments to monitor ongoing developments and keep our community informed. 

While current projections indicate landfall further north, many SW Florida residents and businesses are bracing themselves for the potential impacts of the storm. Visit Lee Health’s hurricane preparedness resource for information, guides and links that will help you and your family develop an action plan for your safety.

Lee County Safe Havens for Housing Insecurity

Lee Health reminds you that Lee Health hospitals are NOT hurricane shelters. We are NOT opening to special-needs guests at this time.

If you’re not feeling safe and secure in your housing situation, Lee County has opened two safe havens.

Stay Informed with Lee Health

PTSD and Mental Health

While Southwest Florida is still rebuilding from the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, many residents are experiencing PTSD from the storm

“It’s perfectly normal to feel fearful and vulnerable this time of year,” says Dr. Ronald Smallwood, a board-certified psychiatrist with Lee Health Behavioral Health. “After all, many of us are still coping with Hurricane Ian’s destruction.”

If you are struggling with your mental health in light of Hurricane Idalia, be sure to contact a mental health provider to discuss how you can be prepared for the storm.

Emergency Preparedness Resources