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Medical Progressive Care Unit (MPCU) Gives Back to Leader Beth Thacker

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Author name: Lee Health


Beth Thacker, BN, MSN, leads the Medical Progressive Care Unit (MPCU) that assumed the responsibility for COVID-19 patients early in the pandemic at Gulf Coast Medical Center (GCMC).

When she presented the idea that her team would care for some of the most critically ill patients in the hospital, they did not hesitate to jump in to save their lives.

“They came together,” she said. “They said, ‘We can do this.’”

Now the MPCU team is giving back to their leaders who led them through a time of uncertainty. They all pitched in to make a specialized trophy and presented it to Thacker in a revent morning huddle.

You can read a portion of their kind words to their leaders here:

"Before we huddle, MPCU night shift and day shift would like to recognize individuals who are an asset to our team. 

"MPCU would like to recognize the people who helped us emotionally, physically, and mentally get through this COVID19 pandemic. Without their fearlessness, without their dedication and commitment to us and our patients, and without their hope and courage inside and outside the workplace, we wouldn’t be here in this exact spot with the mindset, the strength and the resilience we all have today.

"MPCU would like to recognize our fearless leaders, our supervisors Lindsay Cosimelli, Andrea Karl, Rey Vega, and our fearless director, Beth Thacker.

"You led us through the unknowns, you led us through the worst of our lives, you supported us when we needed mental health days, you are our shoulders to lean on, you listened, and you went out of your way for us. You bought PPE and you worked bedside with us frequently.

"From the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you for what you did and continue to do for us. You are so appreciated and you deserve all the recognition the world has to offer.

"MPCU would like to further show appreciation to our director, Beth Thacker. We formally appreciate you, Beth! Please accept this token and award of appreciation which came from our hearts.”

The team shared an award of appreciation with Beth to show the gratitude for her support throughout the pandemic. Even on the most difficult days, the team felt the constant support of Beth and other members of leadership.

We appreciate your amazing leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. You helped us overcome all obstacles that came our way. You served the frontline with us. You made sure our voices were heard. You helped us all get through the impossible.

Thank you for going above and beyond for us and our patients everyday. You have truly shown all of us what it means to be #LeeHealthStrong

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