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Workplace wellness: How to start a program that benefits everyone

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The word “wellness” is becoming more and more popular these days as communities do their best to learn about healthier habits and apply them to their daily lives.

Americans spend a big chunk of their lives at work, and there’s no reason why wellness can’t thrive there, too. After all, constant stress and countless deadlines lead to bad habits such as too much sitting, slouching, and grabbing fatty food on the go. The demands of our busy days can make those unhealthy habits hard to break – unless you have a little help.

Besides being the right thing to do, maintaining a healthier workforce has tons of benefits: Lower insurance premiums, fewer workers’ compensation claims, fewer work absences, more productivity, and a spike in morale since employees will see results and learn to have a little fun with one another.

So how can you help make your employees feel better?

Here are a few ideas from Molly Grubbs, a community business development representative at Lee Health, on how bosses, managers, and supervisors can start a workplace wellness program:

  • Conduct an employee health interest survey. This provides insight on what specific programs employees would be most interested in.
  • Provide an opportunity for health screenings and biometrics. Allow employees to assess and better understand their personal health statuses.
  • Administer an annual physical activity campaign. Design an incentive to increase the amount of time employees are physically active during the day.
  • Hold lunch and learns. Inspire your employees by inviting health experts into speak on topics that motivate your employees to make healthier choices.
  • Establish an in-house wellness library. Businesses can take a significant step toward promoting better health by providing opportunities to learn more at the workplace.
  • Read Lee Health’s Healthy News blog to learn about a variety of topics like physical activity, weight management, stress reduction, tobacco cessation and medical self-care.
  • Promote community health efforts. Supporting events like fun runs, health fairs and educational seminars and promoting them to employees.

Giving employees a simple, identifiable way to make them feel empowered and energized leads to physical, mental, and measurable results.

And a few simple gestures and a little more awareness could be key ingredients in building a happier community that learns the true importance of health, hope, and happiness.

Want to know more about Occupational Medicine or how to get started? Call our OM team at 239-343-8399 or visit our Occupational Medicine service page.

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