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ROSA Robot System Redefines Knee and Hip Replacement Success

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Diana Valenti had already had her right knee totally replaced years ago, through traditional, or open, surgery. Now, she needed to a total knee replacement in the opposite knee to end her chronic, debilitating pain.

This time around, the Fort Myers resident opted to try a less invasive surgical option called the ROSA Hip and Knee System, a robotically assisted surgical system designed to help perform total knee and hip replacement surgery.

The orthopedic robot system is the latest addition to Lee Health’s robust robotics program. Actually, there’s two ROSA systems, and they join the ExcelsiusGPS robotic surgery system and seven da Vinci Xi Surgical Systems already on board to perform minimally invasive surgeries.

These robotic surgery systems enable surgeons to use computer and software technology to control and move surgical instruments, allowing for greater precision and flexibility during procedures. The procedure is performed entirely by a surgeon who controls the system. 

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Thompson, who performed Diana’s knee replacement, explains that in cases like Diana’s, the ROSA knee replacement system is safer, faster and less painful than conventional knee and hip surgery.

“The results I’ve seen in my patients have been nothing short of amazing,” Dr. Thompson says. “We’re using ROSA technology for total knee and hip replacements. We’re putting in top-of-the-line implants, but with more accuracy and less invasive surgery with the robot. My patients are telling me that their recovery has been much easier and faster than they expected.”

Dr. Thompson stresses the surgeon always maintains control while using a robotic surgery system like the ROSA. The system serves as an assistant, providing objective data about the patient’s unique anatomy to assist the surgeon in making decisions during the procedure.

"The technology allows for greater precision in matching the patient's natural balance of the knee, assisting in the restoration of each patient's own unique alignment between the knee, hips, and ankles, which is essential to their comfort and mobility,” he adds. “Because the procedure is minimally invasive, patients generally experience less pain after surgery, have a quicker recovery and shorter length of stay in the hospital, and need less medication.”

A ‘night and day’ difference 

“I have a unique perspective on the ROSA system because I had my other knee replaced years ago with traditional surgery, and the difference in pain and recovery has been like night and day,” Diana says. “Having my knee done with the ROSA system has been wonderful – I’ve had a speedy recovery and much less pain than with my other knee.  I’m feeling like I’m back to my old self.”

The ROSA system utilizes a series of X-rays to generate 3D images of an individual’s unique anatomy. This 3D image enables the surgeon to design a personalized plan based on the specifics of an individual’s knee/hip anatomy prior to performing replacement surgery.

According to Dr. Thompson, the ROSA Robot can be used for procedures such as total knee replacement surgery, partial knee replacement surgery, and hip replacement surgery.

“Compared to traditional open surgeries, for the qualified patient the ROSA robotic-assisted surgery offers increased accuracy compared to traditional knee/hip replacement, better implant positioning, and better long-term satisfaction and outcomes,” Dr. Thompson says.

Dr. Fia Yi, Lee Health’s Medical Director of the System Robotics Program, says adding the ROSA system means fewer patients have had to leave our region to get this type of surgery.

“We are proud to bring this cutting-edge technology to the region, so our patients can get the care they need close to home,” Dr. Yi says. “The addition of these value-enhancing services is made possible through donations from our community to the Lee Health Foundation, which works to bring novel and enhanced medical options to Southwest Florida, with the intention of improving care to and outcomes for our patients.”

Watch this video to see how the ROSA robot for knee replacement works.

Considering hip replacement surgery? Watch this video to see how the ROSA robot may be the surgical treatment option for your hip replacement surgery.

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