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Get Vaccinated/Tested

Lee Health is now vaccinating anyone age 5+. Click here for adults and click here for age 5-17. Click here for a list of COVID testing sites in our community. Click here for information on monoclonal antibodies. 

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Evaluating Websites

To evaluate a website, consider the following:

C = Currency How current is the information? How often website is updated? Are the links working?

R = Relevance Is the information important or unique and does it meet your needs?

A = Authority Who provides the information and what are his/her credentials? Is the site affiliated with a professional/scientific/governmental or educational organization? Is the contact e-mail or phone number provided?

A = Accuracy Where the information originates from? Is the information referenced? Could you verify independently any of the information on the site? Does the language seem biased? Have you noticed any misspellings, typos or grammatical errors?

P = Purpose Who is the audience for this site? What is the purpose of it: to educate, to sell, to entertain? What is its domain: .gov or .edu or .org (preferred) or .com - not recommended?

To evaluate mobile applications, consider the following:

C = Currency

R = Relevance

A = Authority

P = Purpose

P = Proven: Accurate & Useful

I = Intuitive

E = Easy

S = Stable interface

Courtney Mlinar, M.L.S., Top Mobile Apps for Clinical Cases, Nova Southeastern University, FHSLA, 2013