The Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation: February 27, 2019

Al Ferrante has made incredible progress. “I feel 100 percent better. When I started here, I couldn’t do five minutes on a treadmill,” he said.

In 2017, Al underwent heart surgery and struggled to regain his mobility, strength, and independence. “I was completely weak. I had no energy. I had no idea what a long journey I had to take,” he said.

That journey lead him to the Cape Coral Healthy Life Center, where he started the cardiac rehabilitation program. “They will work with you to build up your heart rate, to work on your strength conditioning. I’m so happy to be here,” Ferrante said.

After graduating from the 12-week cardiac rehabilitation phase two program, Al is now in the cardiac rehabilitation phase three program, which is considered a lifetime maintenance program for patients who have undergone heart surgery.

“Any patient who has a cardiac event that has a qualified diagnosis, we can bring them into the program. There’s research that’s shown the significant improvement and longevity in patient’s lives by coming and exercising,” said Lynn Durocher, a cardiac rehabilitation nurse with Lee Health.

Three days a week, Al spends about 45 minutes walking and cycling. “We always say when we do our education that exercise is the answer to everything,” Durocher said.

Through motivation and exercise, the cardiac rehabilitation program helps patients like Al reclaim their life.