Recognizing our Volunteers: April 22, 2019

He’s known for his kind smile and amazing stories. Volunteering is a passion Fredrick Hoar Jr. has spent 20 years doing. “I enjoy helping people. It happened because of my wife. We were coming down to Florida, and my wife said to me, oh, by the way, don’t plan on sitting on your duff the whole time, you’re going to volunteer.”

Three days a week, Fred and his wife Ellie could be spotted welcoming patients at the front desk, registration, and the cardiac waiting area at Gulf Coast Medical Center. “He’s just an amazing person that gives his heart every time he comes in the building. It’s for our patients and their families, but he brings comfort to our staff, and we all just love him,” said Susan Crowe, director of volunteer auxiliary and guest services at Lee Health.

Fred continued to volunteer after losing his wife a few years ago. Today, he’s one of the longest-serving volunteers at Lee Health. “He has close to 8,000 hours of service. He’s very active, and I don’t think we could do it without him,” said Crowe.

Fred is one of 4,000 volunteers spread throughout all five Lee Health hospitals. “Anybody that’s got time and doesn’t volunteer is cheating themselves. You get a lot of appreciation, and you feel good doing it,” said Fred.

Today, at 95 years old, the World War II veteran continues to give back. “I try and tell the people not to worry,” he said. Bringing comfort and joy to patients and their families.