Helping Patients Walk with Zero-G Technology May 6, 2019

Linda Jaremback has been wheelchair bound for six years. “I really want to walk. I really want to try. I have MS, multiple sclerosis, and my neurologist thought this would be the best place for me because they have this new equipment,” she said.

After a recent stem cell replacement, Linda started feeling stronger—and became determined to walk again.  “My balance was better. I was able to lift my legs which I couldn’t do before; I started driving again. I was getting a lot of good benefits from it, so I wanted to continue with that momentum,” said Linda.

She started coming to the Lee Health Coconut Point rehabilitation. Using new, state-of-the-art technology, Linda’s progress has greatly improved in just a few weeks.  “All of a sudden, we were, we were kind of walking,” she said.

The Zero-G system uses a harness to support the patient, giving them the confidence and security they need to walk, climb stairs, and practice turning around.  “This system just allows her to work on her balance responses and to work on walking without her walker,” explained Kris Erickson, a physical therapist with Lee Health.

The equipment can be used for patients who have suffered a stroke, recently underwent surgery, or who struggle with balance. “We’ve got a lot of patients who are very fearful of falling, fearful of using the stairs, so they can actually be supported. They know they can’t fall in the harness,” said Erickson.

Giving patients like Linda the chance to rebuild strength, balance, and confidence.