Bringing Health Services to your Home: May 12, 2019

It’s a medical service brought straight to your front door. Every day Jennifer Cittadino, an advanced provider with the Lee Health House Calls program, visits patients who are unable to leave their home. “The House Calls program is a program of providers, and right now we have four providers along with our collaborative physician. The four providers are out in the field going to patient’s homes, doing home visits as well as sometimes we are visiting in the assisted living facilities.”

Advanced providers will visit patients every few weeks depending on the patient’s medical needs. “We are the primary care provider in the home. So just as you would go to your physician or your primary care provider’s office, that is what we do in the home. We do full exams, evaluations, we do medical decision making,” said Cittadino.

The House Calls program can also bring in specialty equipment like x-rays, EKG’s, ultrasounds, even do blood work to make sure the patient is getting the care they need.  “It’s stress-free for that patient, and that’s the most important thing because as we know, stress causes medical issues itself. It makes life a little easier for them,” she said.

To be a part of the House Calls program patients must meet certain criteria. “You need to be home limited which means you use a wheelchair; you use a walker, you use oxygen that you’re dependent on. Many of our patients have Alzheimer’s or dementia issues,” said Cittadino.

The House Calls program works to keep patients well and out of the hospital. “Our patients do very much appreciate it. Families really trust us. We are good educators in the home. We assist the patients in understanding their role in their disease management as much as they can. We help them to set appropriate expectations and promote as healthy of a lifestyle as much as we can and bring them to the most optimal health,” she said.

Care that many patients wouldn’t be able to get without this program.