Weight Management Program

Our focus is on teaching how to properly fuel and nourish our bodies. We believe in making real, lasting changes for a new lifestyle to reach a weight that is healthy. Our Registered Dietitians work one-on-one with patients to craft an individualized approach to nutrition. The dietitians are agents of change and here to retain accountability to your health and nutrition goals.

Program Structure:

  • 60 minute initial consultation with a Registered Dietitian. Patient medical history, eating behaviors, motivation and health goals are extensively reviewed.
  • 30 minute follow-up appointments - These appointments are geared at targeting lasting behavior changes. The dietitian educates on various nutrition topics and provides accountability for reaching goals.
  • Maintenance care and follow - up appointments will be encouraged once health goals are obtained.

Who is the program for?

To find out more about this innovative program, or to schedule your appointment, please call Lee Health Solutions at 239-424-3120.