Bringing Medical Care Home to You

We bring the best medical care into the most convenient, comfortable place of service – your home. House Calls specializes in providing medical care to limited mobility patients throughout Lee County. A physician or advanced registered nurse practitioner provides this care.

If you need primary care or have just been discharged from the hospital, House Calls can provide:

  • comprehensive review of medical history
  • thorough physical examination
  • medication evaluation and management

If needed, House Calls can order additional services including:

  • home health services
  • durable medical equipment
  • social services
  • rehabilitation services
  • hospice services
  • referral to physician specialists

Patients with limited mobility who could benefit from House Calls:

  • use a cane, walker or wheelchair
  • do not drive because of health reasons
  • require a family member to take them to the office because of health reasons
  • are visually impaired
  • have a memory disorder
  • are bedridden
  • have had recent surgery
  • were recently discharged from the hospital and need a doctor to check on them

We specialize in caring for older patients and those with complex problems.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 239-343-9219

Fax: 239-343-9218


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