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Adult Sleep Medicine

Helping adults find deep, healing rest that has the power to change lives

Sleep Medicine: Making an Impact

Proper sleep refreshes, rejuvenates, and keeps you on target to tackle your day and all of life’s challenges. But great sleep doesn't always come easily.

Our sleep medicine specialists can help you get there by treating various disorders that may affect both you and your family such as snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, and narcolepsy.

We work closely with your primary care physician to schedule sleep studies at our convenient outpatient locations, as well as coordinate treatment and follow-up care. It's time to rest easy. Start your journey to better sleep with Lee Health Sleep Medicine. 

LPG Sleep Medicine Services

  • Rapid diagnosis and treatment for all types of sleep disorders
  • Monitoring and follow-up care
  • Referrals to other Lee Health physicians that treat conditions that can effect or contribute to sleep disorders
  • Telemedicine appointments offered 

Learn more about how to make an appointment with a Lee Health Sleep Medicine Specialist below!

  • Sleep Disorders Center

    Sleep is essential for the body and the mind. At times, however, sleep can be elusive. Our sleep specialists will address your sleep-related issues and help you get back to sleeping with ease.

Understanding Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

We invite you to read more about our innovative Sleep Disorders Center as well as information about common sleep disturbances that we identify and treat.

  • Things We Treat (Sleep)

    Sleep disturbances negatively impact a person's sleep pattern. Some are serious enough that they interfere with normal physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

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