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Urinary Incontinence in Women

What is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence — the loss of bladder control — is common for women and can happen at any age. The causes are often pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause. It is important to remember that incontinence is NOT a normal part of aging. Please consult with your doctor if you experience:

  • Pressure or spasms in the pelvic area that cause a strong urge to urinate
  • Going to the bathroom more than usual (more than eight times a day or more than twice at night)
  • Urinating while sleeping

For most patients, treating urinary incontinence includes simple lifestyle changes or medical procedures.

Our specialists at Lee Health diagnose, treat and work with you for a quick and easy recovery.

Our Services and Treatments Include    

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Mid-urethral slings
  • Diagnosing other urological disorders

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