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Behavioral Health

Taking care of your mental and emotional well-being

Behavioral Health: Because You Matter

People who need behavioral health services represent every group you can imagine — family and friends, colleagues and co-workers, neighbors and children. Leading with compassion, our mental health experts help you identify the cause of anxiety, depression, or mood disorders while providing open-minded treatment that controls symptoms and improves your quality of life.

Our Care Team

Our experienced staff includes psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, advanced registered nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and other clinical support resources. We work closely with patients and family members to develop a therapy program that supports a return to a full, productive life as quickly as possible.

Behavioral Health Services

  • Medication management
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Case management

  • Addiction Medicine

    Our certified specialists use education, compassion, and focus to treat an addiction like any other medical disease so patients can get the care they need.

  • Common Mental Health Conditions

    Mental and behavioral health issues don’t discriminate by age or gender. They can appear all of a sudden or can grow little by little, can be long-term or short-lived, and all can benefit from treatment.

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Referrals can be made by anyone — physicians, social workers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, mental health professionals and service agencies or self-referral. After the referral, we make an assessment to determine the most appropriate level of care. Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday at our office near Summerlin Road and College Parkway in Fort Myers.


We accept Medicare and most commercial insurances. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

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Behavioral Health Blog Articles

Learn about ways to cope with and treat common conditions as well as ongoing efforts to educate our community about mental health.
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    Mental Health Disorders are All Around Us. So How Do We Start Talking about Them?

    Anxiety, depression, panic, and other disorders affect 70 percent of Americans. But why are we so afraid of talking about mental health? And how do you even begin the conversation?

  • Mental Health

    Why Do We Feel Bad About Feeling Bad?

    Fear and shame are powerful, but compassion can light the way to better mental health. Learn more from our medical director of Behavioral Health.

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    Living With Anxiety? Learn to Step out and Lean In

    Try these two simple steps to deal with anxiety