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Behavioral Health Care Management Services

The behavioral health team offers a patient centered approach, addressing the overall health outcomes of our patients and their behavioral health, through integrated care programs within Lee Health and collaborative partnerships in the Southwest Florida community. 

As an example, the behavioral health care management team is a newly created integrated behavioral health care service within Lee Health. The team consists of Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Mental Health Counselors, who seek to work with patients on both their behavioral health and social needs, focusing on factors that may be inhibiting their overall well-being. We will screen and meet with patients via home visits and telemedicine. 

You can send our team an EPIC Order for an inpatient consult as “Consult Behavioral Health Care Management Outreach” or an outpatient referral as “Referral to Behavioral Health Care Management Outreach”.

We offer the following behavioral health care management services:

  • Short-term therapeutic support
  • Bridging and referrals to longer-term therapy
  • Case management across the  health care continuum
  • Community resource   linkage

These services are limited to the following business lines:

  • Best Care Collaborative
  •  Medicare Bundle
  •  Community Care Outreach
  •  Lee Employee Health Plan (WebTPA)
  • Legislative Advocacy – Behavioral Health & SUD priorities are being identified through collaborative efforts with community organizations and support from FHA & FADAA.