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Lee Health Cancer Institute

Nationally Recognized: Southwest Florida's Lee Health Cancer Institute

At Lee Health, everything we do centers around you. With a cancer diagnosis, that means we take the time to hear you and answer all your questions. The Lee Health Cancer Institute offers treatment for nearly every aspect of cancer care under one roof. 

As the region’s only accredited Cancer Center, it means we’re on it with a full team of cancer specialists and same or next-day access – plus all the services you need in one stop – including navigators who take you by the hand and help you at every turn. From the latest technology to design features intended to soothe the mind, body, and spirit, you and your family will know that you do not have to fight cancer alone. Our dedicated team of professionals will be with you every step of the way to offer you the best experience possible.

The Lee Health Cancer Institute holds nationally recognized accreditations from the Commission on Cancer (CoC), National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), and GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer. 

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Cancer Clinic at the Bonita Health Center is now open!

We’ve Expanded Cancer Services to the Bonita Health Center! Lee Health has the fourth-largest cancer program in Florida. The Lee Health Cancer Institute’s approach to cancer treatment has made us a leader in Southwest Florida, and we exceed national survivorship rates. Patients now have access to innovative treatment therapies, clinical trials, and research in the South Lee community. Learn more here!

Discover Our Cancer Treatment Locations Across Southwest Florida

Lee Health Cancer- A Patient Journey

Cancers We Treat

The Lee Health Cancer Institute provides individualized support and treatment options for various cancer types. For very rare cancers we will connect you with experts around the nation if necessary and coordinate the care that can't be done locally.

Lee Health Cancer Care Services

The oncologists and pediatric oncologists at Lee Health work together to provide quality, comprehensive care while spearheading cutting-edge research and advancing new surgical techniques. Learn more about our Cancer Institute, the cancers we treat, programs that we offer to support cancer recovery for you and your family, and more.

  • Cancer Care (Oncology)

    Lee Health Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers, FL. We provide an integrated care program, cancer diagnosis, treatment plan, and ongoing support groups. We care for cancer patients in Cape Coral, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Port Charlotte.

  • Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

    Our oncologists are on a mission to help fight cancer 24/7 with advanced treatment, the latest research, and compassionate hearts

Schedule Now!

Your cancer diagnosis is our top priority. Schedule an appointment today by calling (239) 343-9500 or use MyChart for a scheduled online virtual visit with your Lee Health Oncologist!

Lee Health Cancer Institute: Frequently Asked Questions

If your doctor believes you may have cancer, they will refer you to an oncologist. Tests to identify whether you could have cancer are performed by your primary care physician or oncologist. If you are currently a patient of an LPG physician you can schedule and an initial appointment through MyChart.

You can call the Regional Cancer Center at 239-343-9500 or fill out the 'Contact the Cancer Institute' form at the bottom of the Cancer Institute webpage. A member of our cancer team will follow up with your email inquiry.

Lee Health Cancer Institute can provide cancer diagnosis and treatment options for adult and pediatric cancers. Depending on the stage and type of cancer, we can provide chemotherapy, cancer rehabilitation, nutritional services, clinical social worker, counseling, support groups, prosthetics, lymphedema garments, wigs and supportive therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and meditation. Speak to your physician to learn more.

The Lee Health Cancer Institute the incorporation of all adult and pediatric cancer doctors, treatments, and resources for our patients. The Lee Health Regional Cancer Center is the main building where our doctors are located and specialty cancer services like infusion and chemotherapy.

Learn More About Our Medical Oncology Team

Doctors at the Lee Health Cancer Institute are specialized in the detection and management of cancer. Their knowledge and expertise are essential to the effectiveness of cancer therapy, and their compassion and consideration give patients and their loved ones comfort.

Lee Health knows how important it is to find a provider who makes you feel comfortable as well as one who is conveniently located. View our physicians profiles and make an appointment with a provider!  

  • Meet The Team

    Meet our team at the Regional Cancer Center. Cancer Specialists here to help navigate throughout the cancer journey.

Lee Health's Adult and Pediatric Oncology Team

Click 'show more' to view all physicians 

View Our Cancer Institute Doctors

Find Now

Compassionate Care When You Need it Most

Lee Health Cancer Care specialists understand the difficulties that can come from a cancer diagnosis. Our team is here to support you starting with screening and diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Clinical Trials in Southwest Florida

Clinical trials can make a difference in shaping the future of cancer care. By joining a clinical trial, you become an active participant in discovering new ways of receiving treatments.

  • Clinical Trials

    Explore clinical trials at the Lee Health Cancer Institute and receive expert cancer care from our experienced team. Your participation can contribute to the future of others. Enroll in a clinical trial today.

Cancer Institute Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving news of a cancer diagnosis can feel scary and overwhelming. Our cancer care team is here to help provide resources and answers to all of your questions. They can answer questions, tackle transportation issues, and help with insurance concerns. By serving as a point person during treatment, nurse navigators make sure that patients have more time to concentrate on healing. Learn more about our nurse navigators here!

If you are visiting Southwest Florida for a short while, we can coordinate your cancer treatment during the time you stay. Contact our Nurse Navigators and we will coordinate your care between locations.

Our support groups are offered in person at the Regional Cancer Center or online. Be sure to double-check the time and event type before participating. Visit the Cancer Support Groups webpage for more information.

Lee Health Cancer Institute recognizes the importance of research and its impact on our patients.  We offer clinical trials (research studies) for various cancer diagnoses.  Participation is voluntary, and though there are many clinical trials available, not all clinical trials are right for all patients. Each trial has a defined protocol that outlines the rules for who can participate in the trial. These rules are called eligibility criteria.

Your physician would need to follow these rules in order to determine if you are eligible for a particular study.  Understanding the importance of research, if you are interested in participating in a clinical trial we encourage you to talk with your physician about the opportunities we have to offer.  You can also reach out to our research team for general information as well: Lee Health Clinical Research – 239-343-9660 or [email protected]

Lee Health Cancer Institute’s multidisciplinary team works together to build a treatment plan for the patient during the cancer journey. The team includes: Physicians from various disciplines: surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists, diagnostic imaging experts, and pathologists, nurse navigators, genetic counselors, social workers, physical therapists, and oncology pharmacists.

Connecting the Community: Events and Cancer Support Groups

Discover a vibrant community of support through our cancer events and support groups.

Support and Educational Resources

Cancer Institute Patients: Frequently Asked Questions

Financial resources are available to help patients that are in cancer treatment with essentials such as gas cards, transportation to treatment, food grocery cards, mastectomy products and prosthetics, lymphedema garments, wigs, massage therapy, educational material.

Please contact Nurse Navigation for resource assistance.

The Lee Health Cancer Institute offers everything cancer patients need all in-house. We provide acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, support groups, mastectomy products, nurse navigation, cancer rehabilitation, genetic risk assessment testing for cancers nutritional support, and counseling.

Lee Health offers patients a secure, online way to access their medical records. Patients can log into their MyChart account to access results.

Telehealth appointments are by doctor preference and can depend on which insurance plan you have. Contact the facility and we can answer more questions you may have.

Nominate a Family for Emma's Wish

Click below to learn more about Emma's wish and how this unique program can help a cancer family needing support.

  • Emma's Wish

    Emma’s Wish grants the wishes for patients diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Creating cherished memories.

Cookie's Place Boutique at Regional Cancer Center

Located within the Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers FL, Cookies Place Boutique is here to offer cancer awareness items, wigs, post-mastectomy prosthetics, and garments. Open Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Cookie's Place Boutique

    Cookie's Place provides mastectomy products for cancer patients including prosthetics, wigs, sleeves, and more. We offer custom-fitted mastectomy products to help through your active treatment. Visit the store inside the Regional Cancer Center.

Contact the Cancer Institute:

At the Lee Health Regional Cancer Center we aim to answer all your questions, in a fast and timely manner. Please send us any questions you might have and we will contact you shortly.

Donate to the Lee Health Cancer Institute

Join Lee Health and the Southwest Florida community in making a significant difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. By supporting our mission, you are contributing to innovative research, new treatments, and support programs for patients, survivors, and their families.

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