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Artery Health

Lee Health: Helping You Live Your Best Heart-Healthy Life

Lee Health's team of cardiologists are ready to help you understand your unique artery and cardiology needs.  We invite you to read more about common artery conditions and some of the treatments Lee Health cardiologists offer. 

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Understanding Your Artery Health

Clogged arteries or atherosclerosis can contribute to a variety of heart and health conditions that can negatively impact your quality of life. Understanding some of the common artery conditions and how to treat or prevent them is an important part of living a heart-healthy life.

  • At the first sign of a heart attack, every second counts. Our emergency cardiac care team is available 24 hours a day at our four adult hospitals.

Common Artery Conditions

While there are a variety of artery conditions that can affect you here are some of the most common conditions and their signs and symptoms.

Coronary artery disease or ischemic heart disease is the most common type of heart disease in the US. The first sign of CAD is a heart attack. 

Acute coronary syndrome is a term used to describe a variety of conditions associated with sudden, reduced blood flow to the heart. 

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a condition caused by narrowed arteries or a build up of plaque that reduces blood flow to the legs or arms.

If you are experiencing any symptoms from the list above, contact your doctor immediately to schedule an appointment.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Reduce Your Risk for Atherosclerosis

While your age is considered a risk factor for blocked arteries, an unhealthy lifestyle can increase your risk of arterial clogging at a young age. For most people risk factors for clogged arteries increase in males after 45 and women after 55.

To reduce your risk of atherosclerosis lead a heart healthy life by:

  • Eating a heart-healthy diet by eating fewer foods that contain saturated fats, such as meats and other animal products.
  • Exercising regularly: 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, 75-150 minutes of vigorous exercise, or a combination of the two.
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Limiting Alcohol Consumption: CDC guidelines recommend 2 or fewer drinks per day for males or 1 drink per day or fewer for females.

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What does a heart healthy and artery healthy diet entail?

A heart healthy-diet is a great way to improve your heart health and prevent potential health problems in the future due to buildup of plaque in your arteries. It’s never too late to eat a healthier diet. 

  • Eat fruits and vegetables: Eating a variety of fruits and veggies helps you gain a diverse supply of nutrients.
  • Eat good fats: Good fats, or unsaturated fats, can be found in foods such as avocado, fish, and nuts.
  • Reduce saturated fat: Choose lean cuts of meat and incorporate plant-based meals into your weekly and daily meal plans.
  • Increase fiber intake: Soluble fiber helps lower your LDL and can be found in vegetables, beans, lentils and oats.
  • Eliminate artificial sources of trans fats: Check your labels for artificial trans fats as they are often high in processed, packaged foods.
  • Reduce sugar and salt intake: Adding sugar and salt that does not naturally occur in the foods you eat can negatively impact your health. Use fruits, herbs and spices for a healthier alternative to added sugar and salt.
  • Reduce consumption of highly processed foods: Processed foods generally include boxed or frozen items and fast food. These foods use a lot of additives such as sugar and salt that can negatively impact your heart health.

Who should I contact?

For questions related to cardiovascular care or services, email us at [email protected].


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