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Patent Foramen Ovale Repair

Lee Health: Your Trusted Heart Specialists For Patent Foramen Ovale Repair

Lee Health Cardiology specialists offer years of experience to help you understand and treat your patent foramen ovale. Most PFOs do not cause any symptoms and do not need any treatment, but sometimes they can lead to complications.

What is patent foramen ovale repair for?

A patent foramen ovale repair, or closure, is a procedure that closes the flap in the wall of the atrial septum, also called a patent foramen ovale. During this procedure, a catheter with a closure device is inserted through the leg vein up to the heart, where the device is left to close up the flap. In short, it helps repair a hole in your heart! 

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Symptoms of Patent Foramen Ovale

While most PFOs do not cause any symptoms and they can sometimes lead to very serious complications, such as stroke. Your Lee Health Cardiologist helps you understand your risk factors for stroke based on your medical and family history. Based on your unique circumstances your Lee Health provider will make recommendations for the best treatments options for you.

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How patent foramen ovale repair done?

Before the procedure, a patient will have a cardiac catheterization to access the exact size and location of the defect. During the procedure, a closure device is attached to a catheter, which is inserted into a vein in the groin and advanced to the heart and through the defect with the assistance of x-ray and intracardiac echo. The cardiologist will push the closure device out of the catheter slowly so that it opens to cover each edge of the defect, sealing it closed. Over time, scar tissue grows over the closure device and it becomes part of the heart.

Currently there are no FDA-approved devices for PFO closure, however, the devices used close PFOs are currently approved to treat other conditions such as Atrial Septal Defects.

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Assess Risks of Patent Foramen Ovale Repair

Complications are very rare with this procedure, but they can happen. Your risk factors vary based on age,  But they do sometimes happen. Risk factors may vary based on age, the size of the defect, and other health problems. Possible risks include: Risks for PFO closure are very small but include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Damage to the heart
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Device embolization (moving to the wrong place)
  • Stroke

Technology and expertise at Lee Health

Lee Health excels at nonsurgical ASD and PFO closure and is the only center in the region currently able to provide this treatment.

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