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Progressive Care Units (PCU)

What is a Progressive Care Unit?

Lee Health offers two types of specialized cardiac progressive care units: medical progressive care unit (MPCU) and surgical progressive care unit (SPCU).

  • Patients admitted to our specialized progressive care units typically have a cardiac (heart-related) diagnosis such as post-stent placement, post-cardiac catheterization, heart attack, congestive heart failure (CHF), heart rhythm abnormalities, pacemaker or internal heart defibrillator.

Medical Progressive Care Unit (MPCU)

The Medical Progressive Care Unit (MPCU) provides specialized care for patients with diagnoses including angina, sub-acute MI and congestive heart failure (CHF). Many of these patients will need diagnostic tests and interventional treatments such as cardiac catheterization, angioplasty or stent placement. Other interventional treatments include permanent pacemakers and internal cardiac defibrillators (ICD).

Surgical Progressive Care Unit (SPCU)

Patients are transferred from OHICU to the Surgical Progressive Care Unit.

Here nurses are trained in the care of open heart surgical patients to optimize post-operative recovery. Education and counseling are provided on medications, disease management, cardiac risk factor management, nutrition and activity/exercise guidelines prior to discharge home.

Cardiac discharge teaching classes provide information to you and your family regarding home health care needs. You will also be evaluated by a cardiac rehabilitation team member to evaluate post discharge follow up needs. As appropriate, referrals are made to medical social work and home health for discharge planning and follow up services.

Technology and expertise at Lee Health

The Lee Health staff on CPCU rely on proven protocols when evaluating patients with chest pain or treating patients with congestive heart failure.

Your health care team is here to serve you from admission through recovery to discharge. Meeting your health care needs is our primary goal.

Patient education is a priority for the PCU staff. During your stay you will be given educational material about your specific diagnosis. Through discharge instruction, you and your family are informed about the necessary steps to help you with your care once you leave the hospital.

Do you or someone you know need to schedule a Cardiology Appointment? Find all the resources you need here for all current and new patients. 

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