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Three-dimensional (3D) Echocardiogram

Our community deserves the very best from us as their trusted partner. The echocardiogram lab at Lee Health provides the latest technology for evaluating cardiac function. This technology allows for greater consistency and accuracy through automation on our ultrasound machines.

What is a 3D Echocardiogram?

3D echo technique captures three-dimensional views of the heart structures with greater depth than 2-D echo. Multiple studies have shown that 3-D echo is more accurate than 2-D echo and can be of greater use in some cases.


The 3-D echo technique is used to improve image quality, reader confidence and for assessing structure and functionality. The live or “real time” images allow for a more accurate assessment of heart function by using measurements taken while the heart is beating. 3-D echo shows enhanced views of the heart’s anatomy and can be used to determine the appropriate plan of treatment for a person with heart disease.

Why might I need a 3D Echo?

An echocardiogram may be done for further evaluation of signs or symptoms. Your doctor may order an echo to see if your symptoms, such as chest pain or shortness of breath might be related to your heart. It can help guide treatment decisions for CHF, afib, chemotherapy, and valve surgery patients.

What do I need to do to prepare for a 3D Echo?

It is best to talk to your doctor before your procedure. Usually, there are no special preparations necessary for a standard 3D echocardiogram. You can eat, drink and take medications as you normally would. This imaging procedure is not invasive and carries little to no risks for the patient. Generally, there is no special after care for a 3D echo either.

Why are 3D Echos a popular form of imaging?

The procedure has been validated with a close accuracy to that of MRI, without the radiation. This can give relief to patients and their doctors. 

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