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Lee Health is starting to reschedule appointments, surgeries, and procedures that were delayed during the pandemic. You can be confident that we will provide the most exceptional care in the safest environment. Learn More

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Family Medicine

Keeping your family healthy, preventing illness, and managing your wellness goals

Lee Health: Modern Care for the Entire Family

Lee Health makes it easy to find a doctor for every member of your family, from newborns to teens, parents to grandparents.

Our doctors and care teams want to establish a long-term relationship to keep you healthy, prevent illness, and manage your wellness goals. The Lee Physician Group network of physician offices are conveniently located and accept a growing list of health plans.

Recognizing that family medicine must work for your entire life, we focus on issues affecting all age groups. We partner with patients and families as we build for tomorrow’s health needs.

Our Services

  • Men’s health
  • Geriatric care
  • Health risk assessments
  • Newborn and well-child care
  • Physical exams for sports, school and summer camp

  • Referrals to specialists who are among the nation’s best
  • Preventive care, health screenings, and physical exams 
  • Personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Diagnosis and treatment for diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol

  • Family planning and regular gynecological screenings
  • Children’s health including developmental screenings, immunizations and parental guidance

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Find Your Motivation

“For me, it’s day by day. What am I doing today? Today I’m going to find some time for a little exercise. I’m going to make sure I eat properly, that I live properly.” Ozzy Acosta says he was always overweight—at his heaviest weighing 375 pounds. “Really, my change came about when I started to have kids.” Ozzy’s health quickly became top priority---he was prediabetic and showing signs of fatty liver disease. Doctors say obesity is the leading cause of chronic disease in the U.S., causing conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and sleep apnea. “Incorporating lifestyle modifications and changes is probably one of the best things that one can do for themselves,” said Dr. Alfred Gitu, a family medicine physician with Lee Health. And it’s exactly what worked for Ozzy. “I would intentionally park far away, why, because it would make me walk. Everybody is taking the elevator; no, I’ll take the stairs. Little stuff like that,” Ozzy said. Using moderation in his diet and making time to be physically active—Ozzy has lost 170 pounds—but he says his journey is not over. “That is so refreshing! That is one of the best feelings that you can have because he took his own life in his hands and realized this is not something that someone else can do for me, this is something I can do for myself and my family,” Dr. Gitu said. Finding your motivation and making healthy choices---it’s what Ozzy Acosta says saved his life.

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