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Gallbladder Disease Surgery (Robotic)

Minimally Invasive Help for Gallbladder Issues

To control or eliminate severe gallbladder symptoms, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove your gallbladder. Fortunately, the gallbladder is an organ that you can live without.

If you've been told you need gallbladder surgery, ask your doctor about Single-Site da Vinci Surgery. It is minimally invasive - performed through a single small incision using state-of-the-art technology.

da Vinci Surgical Approach

Approaches to this type of procedure include traditional open surgery, conventional laparoscopic surgery or da Vinci ® Cholecystectomy, which is a robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon will determine which approach is most appropriate.

With a traditional open procedure, the surgeon uses an 8- to 10-inch incision to access the gallbladder. Conventional laparoscopy uses a specialized surgical camera and stiff instruments to access and remove the gallbladder using a series of small incisions. This approach provides the surgeon with better visualization than an open approach and provides patients with the benefits of a minimally invasive procedure. Robot-assisted surgery may be the most effective, least invasive treatment option.

Patients who choose Single-Site da Vinci Surgery experience virtually scarless results. That's because the surgeon operates through only one small incision in the navel (belly button). After a fast recovery, the scar is almost impossible to see.

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