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ROSA® Robotics

ROSA® Robotics is a multi-application platform that utilizes Zimmer Biomet’s leading implants and data technologies to redefine robotics by providing real-time insights to optimize outcomes.

Robotic-assisted surgery is safer, faster and less painful than minimally invasive conventual knee and hip surgery. Thanks to technology, our specially trained surgeons use the ROSA® Knee and ROSA® Hip robot to personalize the approach to joint replacements. 

Surgical Treatment Options

The ROSA® Robot can be used for procedures such as 

  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Hip Replacement Surgery

The ROSA® system utilizes a series of X-rays to generate 3D images of an individual’s unique anatomy. This 3D image enables the surgeon to design a personalized plan based on the specifics of an individual’s knee/hip anatomy prior to performing replacement surgery.

Compared to traditional open surgeries, the benefits of ROSA® robotic-assisted surgery can include:

  • Increased accuracy compared to traditional knee/hip replacement
  • Better implant positioning, which can result in a more natural-feeling knee/hip after surgery
  • Potential for better long-term satisfaction and outcomes

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