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Aging Sensitivity Training: Age Play (SECURE Program)

How does this training work?

More than 68 million Americans are over the age of 60, and that number is projected to grow each year. It makes sense for businesses and colleages to experience how your older customers may be facing life's challenges.

Our hands-on Aging Sensitivity Training Program will help your staff be more empathetic, understanding, and patient. The "human touch" makes such a difference and can significantly improve your customers' opinions of your business, which affects referrals and ultimately your bottom line.

In many hospitals, for example, studies show that patients equate the quality of nursing care with how nicely the nurses treated them. 

A kind word goes a long way!

Your staff are the ones who greet, assist, help solve problems for and interact with your customers and guests. The more aware your staff is of what the person may be experiencing, the more effective they may become in relating to your customers.

Our Age sensitivity Training Program will accomplish this.

SECURE Age Sensitivity Training has valuable information, in addition to exercises in which your staff can participate. It is also reusable and the most competitively priced service of its kind on the market.

Our Aging Sensitivity Training Program will give your employees the aging competence training they need.

Each Master Kit includes:

  • A USB Flash drive that contains the Power point, handouts, pre and posttests, and a printable completion certificate
  • A training manual with notes for those that want to teach the program.
  • Five individual kits with:
    • Glasses to simulate eye problems in older adults: glaucoma, macular degeneration, stroke, cataracts and yellowing of the eye lens.
    • One pair of arthritis simulation gloves (for the manual dexterity exercise).
    • A laminated number card and pen
    • Daily medication holder with prescription bottle that include "pills."

For more information, call 239-424-3298.

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For more information please call 239-424-3298 or email [email protected]

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