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Shell Point Imaging and Radiology

Reliable Care in the Shell Point Community

This location will be accepting appointments starting February 8th, 2022

Our medical imaging services include:

  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasound

Visit our Shell Point location one of our professional, friendly imaging facilities for services of every kind of digital imaging, interventional radiology, ultrasounds, and more.

Services We Offer

Learn more about X-Rays and Ultrasounds. Talk to your provider and see if these services would be beneficial for your current health.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound, or sonography, uses sound waves to create pictures of organs, veins, and arteries, or an unborn baby.

  • X-Rays

    An X-ray is a quick and painless procedure commonly used to produce images of the inside of the body. It's a very effective way of looking at the bones and can be used to help detect a range of conditions.

Learn More About Lee Health

  • Imaging (Radiology)

    Experienced professional radiologists who provide high quality images - MRI, digital X-rays, ultrasounds, and more - Radiology help's your physician put an effective treatment plan into action.