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Lee Health is now vaccinating anyone age 12+. Click to schedule for age 18+, click for age 12-17 or click for 3rd dose.

Click here for a list of COVID testing sites in our community.

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Lee Community Healthcare

Increasing access to health care for the uninsured and underserved throughout our region

Lee Community Healthcare: For Your Family

Lee Community Healthcare believes in compassionate care for all patients in our region. We're here to help you navigate your care options and discounts based on household income. 

That means you and your family have access to primary care, tests, immunizations, mental health, pediatrics, women's care, and more — no matter your financial situation. Our staff believes in empowering you and your family with education and information to improve your health and reduce trips to the emergency room.

George's Personal Story

Community member shaking hands with member of Lee Health's community care outreach team.George Cole, right, has come a long way since 2017. In that year, he was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and lost his home to Hurricane Irma. Unable to work because of ill health and suddenly homeless, George turned to Lee Health’s community care outreach. Lyn Carlson, left, a coordinator with the program, helped George establish primary care at Lee Community Healthcare clinic in North Fort Myers to address his health challenges. She also connected the Dunbar native to the chronic disease program at Lee Health to help him manage his new diagnosis. "She told me she would help me and I believed in her," George says. "She gave me motivation, and I got a job. I’m thankful for Miss Lyn for being by my side and for the people that she works around, and giving me the confidence."

Our Services

  • Behavioral health
  • Primary medical care for adults at all locations
  • Pediatric care, including well-child services, at Lehigh Acres
  • Diagnostic laboratory and radiology services
  • Cancer and other disease screenings
  • Immunizations for adults
  • Screening for elevated blood levels, communicable diseases, and cholesterol
  • Chronic disease management for diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, and congestive heart failure
  • Case management, referrals outreach, transportation assistance, interpreters, and patient education
  • Obstetric and gynecological care, including prenatal and perinatal care
  • Providing assistance to patients in obtaining discounted medications
  • Adolescent care for ages 12+ at our Dunbar location

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