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Diabetes and Pregnancy

Looking for help in managing diabetes and pregnancy?

Get in touch with a program navigator to assist you.

Call one of our friendly program navigators at 239-424-3127 (Fort Myers/Cape Coral) or 239-468-0051 (Estero/Bonita Springs).

Diabetes and Pregnancy Program

If you have diabetes and become pregnant or are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, our diabetes education team is ready to provide you with the tools needed to control your blood sugar levels throughout your pregnancy. Good blood sugar control is essential for the health of you and your unborn baby. After the initial two-hour class, you will follow up with your educator, who will guide you in managing your diabetes during the pregnancy.

Diabetes and pregnancy education is a covered benefit of most insurance plans. There are also assistance programs available (if approved).

Program Topics

Meal Planning

Learn to identify the different food groups and how they affect blood sugar control. Receive a specific meal plan and resources.

Blood Sugar Monitoring

Instruction on meter usage, target blood sugars, testing schedules, and how to maintain target blood sugars.


Discuss the connection between blood sugar control and exercise. Review of safety and exercise during pregnancy.

Prevention of Complications

Learn the risks for you and your baby with pregnancy and diabetes. Instruction on prevention of risks/complications.

Treatment Modalities

Learn the recommended lifestyle and medication (if needed) treatments for diabetes and pregnancy.