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HIV Self-Management Education Program

Ready to take charge of HIV? 

Get in touch with a program navigator to find the right workshop for you. 

Contact one of our friendly program navigators at 239-343-9264!

Join our community workshops

Complimentary · Convenient · Community Locations or Virtual Sessions

Workshops meet once a week for six weeks, 2.5 hours in length. Originally developed at Stanford University Patient Education Research Center, the program provides you with the tools to self-manage HIV. 

Learn more about the tools you will learn during the workshop

Physical Activity

Many individuals with HIV do not think they should engage in physical activities in fear of that it might make the condition worse. Learn how this assumption is wrong, and how physical activity can actually decrease symptoms, and improve your quality of life. 


We all face problems when managing HIV and navigating the complexities of life. Learn one of the most important self-management tools that we have - steps to solve problems.


Understand the two primary tests used to monitor HIV and what they mean for your health.

Using Your Mind

Our mind is a powerful tool to help us control any chronic health condition. This workshop will showcase distraction techniques, positive thinking, and a relaxation body scan.


Another important self-management tool. Once you identify a problem, now it is time to take action. Learn how to make an action plan, which is a tool you can use for life!


Many decisions have to be made when living with HIV.   Often, it may be difficult to decide what course of action is best for you. During the workshop, you will learn a process for making decisions that you can have confidence in.


Poor sleep is a common concern among individuals with chronic health conditions. Learn strategies to help you get a more restful night of sleep and feel more energized.

Working with Health Professionals

It can be challenging to effectively collaborate with your health care team and organizations. Learn tips about tracking and monitoring your symptoms, and when to notify your health care provider.


Poor communication is not good for our physical, mental and emotional health. Learn how to use “I” messages to better communicate with significant others and health professionals to promote improved well-being.

Breathing Techniques

Better breathing can help us manage our chronic health conditions, decrease our stress, and is important to utilize when doing physical activity. We will practice breathing techniques during the workshop. 

Healthy Eating

Good nutrition plays an important role in managing HIV. Learn general healthy eating principles, how to read food labels, and foods that help to promote a healthier you.


Taking medications for HIV is paramount in order to not develop resistance to the medications, and to stay healthy.   Learn tips on how to become more compliant with taking your medication and how to overcome common barriers to taking antiretroviral medication. 

Understanding Emotions

Living with HIV is challenging and may impact our coping mechanisms. Explore emotions associated with having HIV, and learn techniques for managing the negative feelings often associated when living with this condition.

Ready to take charge of HIV? Call 239-343-9264 to register for an upcoming workshop.

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