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Get Vaccinated!

Lee Health is now vaccinating anyone age 12+. Click to schedule for age 18+ or click for age 12-17. We kindly ask that you not call our hospitals or physician offices to inquire about vaccine appointments as it overwhelms our phone system.

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Nutrition Therapy

Ready to make lifestyle changes for improved health? 

Get in touch with a program navigator to find the right nutrition program for you. Call 239-424-3120 (Fort Myers/Cape Coral) or 239-468-0051 (Estero/Bonita Springs).

Nutrition Services

Nutrition plays an important role in your health. Our team of registered dietitians will work with you to develop a personalized nutrition plan to help your personal health journey.  

Learn more about the variety of nutrition programs available.

Weight Loss

Our registered dietitians will work with you to develop a customized program to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Learn the importance of lifestyle factors including proper nutrition and exercise, and how they play a role in helping you to meet your goals.               

Lifestyle Improvement

Whether looking to improve your health, prevent health problems, lose weight, or just learn to follow a healthy eating plan, our registered dietitians will help guide you toward achieving your lifestyle goals.

Disease Specific Nutrition

Our team of registered dietitians will assist in developing a customized nutrition plan suited to your health and medical needs. A few examples of these include: Celiac disease, heart disease, chronic kidney (renal) disease, diabetes, unintentional weight loss, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and diverticulosis.

Bariatric Surgery Nutrition

Bariatric surgery is a tool,and learning to use this tool correctly is essential for long-term success. We can help prepare you for the nutritional lifestyle changes you will need to be successful. We are also available to help after surgery to provide you with guidance to ensure your nutritional needs are being met.

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition addresses the root cause of a health problem, helps identify solutions, and puts a plan into action to give you lifelong relief from various symptoms and chronic ailments. You will work with a registered dietitian, who will conduct a complex nutrition assessment and provide you with a specialized eating plan to help address specific concerns. A few examples of areas covered: autoimmune disease, chronic pain, fatigue, and detoxification.

Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)

A lifestyle enrichment program designed to reduce disease risk factors through the adoption of better health habits and appropriate lifestyle modifications. The goal is to lower blood cholesterol, hypertension, and blood sugar levels and reduce excess weight. This is done by improving dietary choices, enhancing daily exercise, increasing support systems and decreasing stress, thus aiding in preventing and reversing disease.

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