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Business Structure Evaluation Process Updates

We're currently conducting an evaluation of Lee Health's business structure. Explore all available documents and dive deeper into the process by learning more here. 

Lee Health Parkinson Program

Bringing people together to share experiences, learn from experts, and find the keys to living well with Parkinson’s disease and related movement disorders.

Parkinson's Program

At Lee Health, we understand the challenges that come with a Parkinson's disease diagnosis. Our dedicated Parkinson's Program is here to provide comprehensive care, support, and hope for our patients and their families.

This comprehensive program connects members with personalized navigational support, education, movement classes, peer to peer enrichment groups, and social opportunities, all keys to living well with Parkinson’s. Our vibrant, supportive community is ready to welcome you, and our program is free to join!

Meet Dr. George Mandybur

Who do we serve?

Those living in Lee County diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or related movement disorders and their care partners. Couple sitting on a park benchThe Lee Health Parkinson Program works closely with like-minded community organizations to provide a network of resources and education for people affected by Parkinson's disease and related movement disorders. This comprehensive program has enabled more than 3,000 people in Lee County to experience the fullness of life through knowledge, movement, and fellowship. As a community service provided by Lee Health, membership is available at no cost.

The Lee Health Parkinson's Program is a navigational and educational outreach program supporting those with Parkinson’s disease, it does not provide, nor is it a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Neurological and Memory Care Services and Support at Lee Health

Learn more about the Lee Health Neurological and Memory Care services to support your loved one's Parkinson's Disease care.

  • Doctor reviewing brain scans

    Neuroscience Institute at Lee Health

    The Neuroscience Institute at Lee Health offers a full spectrum of care for neurological problems. Providing comprehensive treatment for the community of Southwest Florida affected by a neurological disorder or diseases.

Looking for more information?

  • To join or to learn more please contact the Lee Health Parkinson Program:

    Call 239.343.9243 or email [email protected]

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Give The Gift Of Support & Hope

When you donate to the Parkinson Program at Lee Health, you are supporting a comprehensive program that connects over 3,000 people in our community. From personalized navigational support to empowering education, from essential movement classes to peer-to-peer support communities and social activities, your gift helps bring people together and access the keys to living well with Parkinson’s.

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