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Obstetrics (OB) Group Prenatal Care

Lee Health and Expectant Mothers: It takes a Village! 

The Cape Coral Lee Physician Group office offers a program for women in the community planning to deliver at the Cape Coral Hospital Birthing Center

Join our OB Group Prenatal Care sessions for education, support, and tips!

Motherhood can be an isolating time. That’s why we’d like to invite you to join a circle of support where you can receive excellent medical care with a group of women who understand the joys and challenges of pregnancy and beyond.

OB Group Prenatal Care

This program offers an alternate to the traditional pre-natal care model. You get the same medical care, with the added benefit of a community setting during evening hours. 

Expectant mothers will receive educational material during 11 unique sessions. Each session will feature a different topic with related material, discussion, and one-on-one consultation time with your obstetric provider to help you through this amazing journey in your life.

  • The Group OB program replaces your monthly OB visits.  This is designed for low-risk pre-natal care. If you need a more complex care plan, we will support you as determined between you and your provider.
  • You may require additional appointments for imaging, labs, and other tests, as needed.

This program can help foster a community, create bonds, and help secure better health for you and your child.


Why Join?

Data shows that prenatal support groups like this help:

  • Improve medical outcomes
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase appropriate gestation weight gain
  • Support breast feeding
  • Create bonds with women who are in your same gestational journey.
  • Learn about other women’s experiences and questions

Evening hours are available to help parents who are unable to schedule appointments during their work day. For questions please contact Shari Malmberg at [email protected]

Group Sessions:

Session 1: Week 10 – You’re Pregnant: Now what?

Session 1a: Week 10 – Medication Use in Pregnancy

Session 2: Week 14- We made it! Bring on 2nd Trimester!

Session 3: Week 18 – Hello Baby, there you are!

Session 4: Week 22 – Keep Moving!

Session 5: Week 26 – Are you too sweet?

Session 6: Week 30 – I’m getting ready for you!

Session 7: Week 32 – What do I do when you’re here?

Session 8: Week 34 – Boobs and Blues!

Session 9: Week 36 – Are we there yet?

Session 10: Week 38 – Here comes your eviction notice!

Session 11: Post-Natal Celebration – Together Forever!

Contact Us: 

For questions please contact Shari Malmberg at [email protected]