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Business Structure Evaluation Process Updates

We're currently conducting an evaluation of Lee Health's business structure. Explore all available documents and dive deeper into the process by learning more here. 

Third Trimester (28-weeks until delivery)

You're coming toward the end of your pregnancy. This is when you should prepare for your time in the hospital and the first few hours with your baby. Lee Health offers an assortment of different resources.

Planning Your Birth:

Digital Apps 

Informational Tools and Videos

Prepare for birth videos and finalize your birth plan -Whether you are giving birth naturally, with an epidural, or cesarean we have the tools to help prepare you.

It is best to establish care with a pediatrician before your baby is born. Check out our list of pediatricians and find the right fit for you.

Search for a Provider

Going to the Hospital:

What to Expect in Early Labor

Prepare for the Hospital Stay

Where to go when you are in labor:

Cape Coral Hospital
Between 6 am - 8 pm, please enter through the women's entrance. Between 8 pm - 6 am, please enter through the emergency department. 

When entering through the entrance marked Birth Suites on the south side of the hospital. As you enter, take the elevators on your right to the second floor.

When you get off the elevator, the door to the Birth Suites will be locked. Hospital personnel at the desk will unlock the door for you. If hospital personnel are not at the door, push the button to the right of the front door.
Hospital personnel will answer the intercom and ask why you need to enter the nursing unit. Say you are in labor and they will unlock the door.

Someone is always present in the Birth Suites to welcome you!

Our Family Birth Suites

HealthPark Medical Center- Directions to the OBED:

Please enter the Main ED and go to the security desk.  Notify them that you are here for OBED.  After passing the security desk, you will take the first hallway on the right. The sign for OBED is on your right.

Someone is always present in the OB Registration area to welcome you!

Our Family Birth Suites

Reference the You and Your Baby Book for advice on the first few hours 

  • Happy Birthday! What you need to know about Your Stay (p. 6)
  • The First Hour - Golden Hour (p.6)
  • Skin-to-skin Contact (p.6)
  • Continue Skin-to-Skin Contact (p.7)
  • Coping Behaviors and Stress Signals (p.7)
  • Breastfeeding - Strong Beginnings (p.7)
  • Feeding Cues (p. 8)

Preparing your home for your baby

  • Infant Safety

    Learn more about child-proofing your home and creating a safe environment for your children to live, play and grow.

Incase you missed it: 

Get Pre-Registered for your Delivery

After you log in to your MyChart account, you will see your Health Feed on the homepage. In the upper left hand corner there is “Your menu”. Once you click on this you will find “Register for My Delivery” in the first section or you can search it in the search bar. Here you can pre-register for your upcoming delivery and fill out important information including: Due Date, Delivery Location, Address, phone, email, and insurance. At the end you will see the confirmation page with links to great info on our website!

Submitting your Pre-Registration Form