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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Lee Health is starting to reschedule appointments, surgeries, and procedures that were delayed during the pandemic. You can be confident that we will provide the most exceptional care in the safest environment. Learn More

Corporate Health and Wellness

Through our extensive resources of physicians, dietitians, and health and wellness professionals, we guarantee a unique corporate wellness plan that will enhance productivity, kick-start creativity, and guide your employees to a better, more promising future.

Our services

Our expert and passionate corporate wellness team has the tools and talent to help your employees lose weight, get fit, and feel better. 

Because we know that a healthy lifestyle includes more than just nutrition and exercise, we will also help you address stress management, sleep, mental and behavioral health, and mindfulness, while showing you how to discover the joys of a purpose-driven life.

Health & Wellness Workshops

Available at breakfast, lunch or scheduled breaks (30 minutes - 1 hour). Health experts are available to you in a format that provides easy access to information and education at your workplace.

Health Fairs

Lee Health provides representatives from various departments to share education on sleep, heart health, balance, ergonomics, nutrition, diabetes, stress management, and more.

One of our Health & Wellness experts helps a community member at a recent health fair at Lee Health Coconut Point.

90-Day Wellness Challenge

We create awareness through an initial body composition screening that will kick off the challenge and motivate employees to get moving and make better choices around sleep, nutrition, and stress management.

Our format includes the option of onsite health and wellness education as well as weekly emails with resources for your employees to live their healthiest life. 

We encourage collaboration and collective sharing of ideas to formulate and incorporate the offerings into your health and wellness program.

Workplace Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Program

The program is available at your business location and is an evidence-based management workshop originally developed at Stanford University. Help your employees learn how to manage chronic health condition and find work-life balance. The program meets twice weekly for six weeks.

Topics covered: stress, sleep, pain and fatigue, health food choices, time management, and physical activity.

Lifestyle Coaching

This program is available for employees to take control of their health and reach goals with expert guidance and a personalized, data-driven plan. Nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching includes one-on-one sessions with an expert coach, 3D body scans, movement assessments, and unlimited access to a coach via an app.

Employees will learn how to make effective habit changes instead of taking an all or nothing approach. Individuals will also learn what their symptoms might be telling them about their internal health. 

A coach will partner to support health optimization, symptoms reduction, and improve ability to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass.