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Cancer Care (Oncology)

Cancer Care (Oncology)

The most advanced treatment and unending support for your inspiring journey

From Cancer Diagnosis to Cancer Survivor, All Close To Home

The Lee Health Regional Cancer Center helps our cancer patients with comprehensive care and treatment plan all from our expert team of medical oncologists, specialists, and nurse navigators. We provide the best advanced treatment options, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each patient. Patients living with cancer have complex needs that go beyond medical treatment – you need peace of mind, togetherness, and a team that tirelessly fights for you at every step.

Visit the Lee Health Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers, FL

Here you’ll find cancer doctors, cancer specialists, nurse navigators and resources for people diagnosed with cancer in our community. Our resources are accessible and conveniently located for residents from Cape Coral, Naples, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, and Bonita Springs.

Lee Health Cancer- Everyone is in your Corner

Caring for Cancer Patients in Southwest Florida

Whether you or a family member needs inpatient or outpatient care, the dedicated cancer specialists at Lee Health and the Regional Cancer Center are here for you. Learn more about our cancer services below.

  • Cancers We Treat

    Learn more about the cancers we treat in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples. Our specialized team cares for you each step of treatment at the Lee Health Regional Cancer Center.

Learn More About The Cancers We Treat

Have You Been Diagnosed with Cancer and Aren't Sure What to Do Next?

A cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. That’s why our nurse navigators are trained to help take the stress away by guiding patients through their cancer treatment plans. 

They can answer questions, tackle transportation issues, and help with insurance concerns. By serving as a point person during treatment, navigators make sure that patients have more time to concentrate on healing. Learn more about our nurse navigators from Lee Health today.

  • Nurse Navigation

    Lee Health Regional Cancer Center's nurse navigators are here to help the patient and family through their cancer journey. From the moment of diagnosis to treatment plan our nurse navigators are here for you.

Services After Cancer Diagnosis

Patients with cancer have complex needs, so our team of specialized oncologists across our hospital system is ready to evaluate, develop, and implement customized cancer treatment plans for each patient.

  • Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment Program

    Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing and Counseling in Fort Myers. The Lee Health Regional Cancer Center is here to provide genetic testing and counseling to patients. Preventative genetic testing can help you look out for higher risk hereditary cancers.

  • Cancer Survivorship

    Being a cancer survivor is a challenging journey. Long-term adverse effects might happen to those who have undergone cancer therapy. Lee Health Regional Cancer Center is here to help you. Schedule an appointment with an oncologist.

  • Chemotherapy and Infusion Services

    Lee Health Regional Cancer Center offers outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy and infusion services in Fort Myers, FL. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please call 239-343-9500 

  • Emma's Wish

    Emma’s Wish grants the wishes of breast cancer patients facing serious, life-threatening, or end-of-life illnesses.

View Our Cancer Care (Oncology) Doctors

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Learn More About Our Medical Oncology Team

Doctors at the Lee Health Regional Cancer Center are specialized in the detection and management of cancer. Their knowledge and expertise are essential to the effectiveness of cancer therapy, and their compassion and consideration give patients and their loved ones comfort.

  • Meet The Team

    Meet our team at the Regional Cancer Center. Cancer Specialists here to help navigate throughout the cancer journey.

Our Physicians:

Cookie's Place Boutique at Regional Cancer Center

Located within the Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers FL, Cookies Place Boutique is here to offer cancer awareness items, wigs, post-mastectomy prosthetics, and garments. Open Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM 

  • Cookie's Place Boutique

    Cookie's Place provides mastectomy products for cancer patients including prosthetics, wigs, sleeves, and more. We offer custom-fitted mastectomy products to help through your active treatment. Visit the store inside the Regional Cancer Center.

Oncology Blog Articles

Learn what you need to know to prevent common cancers, check for warning signs, and how you can find quick, comprehensive treatment.
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    The Regional Cancer Center now provides unparalleled inpatient care on the top floor of Gulf Coast Medical Center. Learn what that means for cancer patients and their families.

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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so here’s what you need to know about risk factors, prevention, treatment, and common myths.

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    Jordan's Journey: Young Patient Working to Conquer Cancer

    A good news tale of one young cancer survivor at Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida.