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Chemotherapy and Infusion Services

The Lee Health Cancer Institute is where patients visit for chemotherapy and infusion services. Chemotherapy is part of the process to relieve cancer symptoms, shrinking cancerous tumors, or prevent cancer from spreading. Infusion therapy involves giving the patient medicine through a needle or catheter inserted into a vein. The process seeks to remove the cancerous cells and prevent new ones from growing.

The Lee Health Cancer Institute's experts work together to evaluate your case and engage you and your family in the treatment plan. Normally this kind of process might take weeks to develop, but we have all the experts in one place. That means the plan is complete in a single day, and your treatment begins quickly.

Chemotherapy Services

Services offered at our infusion centers include:

  • Chemotherapy infusion
  • Blood and platelet transfusions
  • Blood draws
  • Hydration therapy
  • Intravenous antibiotic infusions

Chemotherapy infusion services based on a treatment plan are offered at three convenient locations: 

  • Regional Cancer Center Infusion Center - Outpatient
  • Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Cancer Clinic at the Bonita Health Center- Outpatient 
  • Gulf Coast Medical Center 7th Floor Medical Oncology - Inpatient

Non-chemotherapy infusion services can be provided at:

  • Regional Cancer Center Infusion Center
  • Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Cancer Clinic at the Bonita Health Center
  • Complex Care

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at the Regional Cancer Center, please call 239-343-9500 

Chemotherapy Locations in Fort Myers and Estero