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Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Lee Health Orthopedic Surgery: A New Knee for a More Active You

Do you have trouble standing up, difficulty walking or climbing stairs, or experience stiff knees? Your physician may recommend you to a Lee Health knee surgeon to see if surgery is a treatment option for you. 

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Robotic-assisted surgery is safer, faster and less painful than minimally invasive conventual knee surgery. Thanks to technology, our specially trained surgeons use the ROSA® Knee robot to personalize the approach to knee replacements.

ROSA® for Knee Surgery at Lee Health

Total and Partial Knee Replacements

The knee is the largest and strongest joint in your body. Knee pain can be a result of joint arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of your joint that develops over time and can make it hard to do everyday activities. Osteoarthritis is a wear-and-tear condition that destroys joint cartilage and bone, which can lead to arthritis in the knees.

Lee Health’s orthopedic surgeons combines expertise and cutting-edge robotic technology to offer you a robotic-assisted knee replacement ensuring unparalleled accuracy, leading to faster recovery, less pain, and optimized knee function tailored to your unique anatomy.

  • Using innovative joint replacement methods, Lee Health affiliated orthopedic surgeons provide innovative solutions for your knee pain needs.

ROSA® Knee | Robotic Surgical Assistant

ROSA® Knee Robotic Technology

ROSA® KNEE Robotic Technology

Before surgery

Your preoperative experience will be like that of most total knee patients. But, unlike traditional knee replacement methods, with ROSA® Knee, a series of x-rays may be used to create a three-dimensional (3D) model of your knee anatomy. This 3D model will enable the surgeon to plan many specifics of your knee replacement prior to your surgery.

During surgery

The surgical procedure using ROSA® Knee is similar to traditional total knee replacement, but with a robotic assistant. Your surgeon has been specially trained to use ROSA® Knee in order to personalize the surgical approach for your unique anatomy. The robot does not operate on its own, it does not move unless your surgeon prompts it to. This helps ensure that the plan your surgeon put into place is executed as intended. Throughout your surgery, ROSA® Knee provides your surgeon with data about your knee which helps your surgeon know how to position your implant based on your unique anatomy.

After surgery

Following surgery, you will be hospitalized based upon the recovery plan your surgeon decides is best for you. Recovery time varies, but most people should be able to drive after two weeks. Your surgeon will tell you when and what activities you can return to, and what activities to avoid.

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Robotic Knee Surgery in Fort Myers, FL

Robotic knee surgery or robotic assisted knee surgery is the latest state-of-the-art technology used for surgery in Southwest Florida. Lee Health has expert trained robotic surgeons to use the ROSA® Knee robot.  

Life After Knee Surgery

Having any kind of surgery can be a scary thing. After robotic-assisted knee surgery you can expect

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved quality of life
  • Regaining strength and mobility

While knee surgery is generally successful, some patients will still experience minor pain and activity restrictions. However, most symptoms become manageable and mobility does somewhat improve.

Related to Lee Health Knee Surgery

  • Our orthopedic specialists and surgeons incorporate national best practices and personalized care to help you during every step of your recovery.

  • Using innovative joint replacement methods, Lee Health affiliated orthopedic surgeons provide innovative solutions for your knee pain needs.

  • ROSA® Robotics is a multi-application platform that utilizes implants and data technologies to redefine robotics by providing real-time insights to optimize outcomes. Learn more here about the treatment options offered at Lee Health!