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Lab Services

Convenient access & complete service 

Lee Health offers several locations where you can have blood and other specimens collected, making a laboratory visit more convenient.

You don't even need an appointment. Just bring a photo ID, insurance information and your lab order and walk right in. When the test is ordered, check with your doctor to see if fasting or any special preparation is required.

Our outpatient labs also serve as a drop-off location for patient-collected specimens.

For customer service or more information concerning Lab Services, call 239-424-3177.

Helpful Information

  • Preparing for your lab draw: Please take a number and have a seat. Our staff will be with you as soon as possible!
  • Fasting: Have you been ordered to fast? You are still allowed to drink water and black coffee.
  • Glucose/lactose tolerance test: For this test, be sure to make an appointment and not to eat or drink for 12 hours beforehand.
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7): Don't take this vitamin within 24 hours of blood draws.
  • Insurance We Accept: WebTPA, Medicare, Aetna, Tricare, Vivida, UHC Medicare AARP PPO, Naphcare, Cigna.
  • Home Health Drop-Offs: Fill out the nurse drop-off book or the drop-off sticker. Lab orders must include: fax numbers, diagnosis codes, drop-off sticker, tests, doctor's signature, patient's name, date of birth.

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